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Top Lighting Designers => Are you looking for the latest lighting design to inspire your interior design plan?  When designing spaces with statement lighting design in mind, focus on both the practicalities and longevity of the light, but also the visual impact of the piece. Creatively designed and quality made lights are not short-lived, and trends include the advancement of technology and design systems.

Exquisite Lighting


Modern Chandeliers blog has selected theTop Lighting Designers who make incredible light with meaning and functionality and appeal to the new modern design with a variety of styles and technology.

Ateljé Lyktan

Jonas Lindström

Designed by Ateljé Lyktan, Vault is a lighting solution that addresses the need for a flexible, easily installed lighting system. The project was conceived by London-based creative agency Fourmation. Ideal for situations with high-level, open or exposed ceilings, the system creates an architectural feature, complimenting any interior space.


Editor’s Choice

Scala Chandelier




LightArt has designed distinct light pendants with matte finishes as part of its Coil Collection. Lighting manufacturer LightArt has created a new line of fixtures made from upcycled waste. Unexpected from a fixture produced through additive manufacturing, Coil Collection​ ​looks and feels like pottery, spun and handcrafted. Seven modern shapes make up this series of black and white pendants, redefining beauty in recycled materials.

Editor’s Choice





Zsuzsanna Horvath and Strips & Stripes

Zsuzsanna Horvath

Zsuzsanna Horvath and Strips & Stripes have collaborated to design a lamp made from thin laser-cut birch plywood sheets. The idea of Illan comes from experimentation with laser cutting various materials. Translucency, flexibility and gentle movement are the distinctive features of Illan. The simple concentric cutting pattern shapes the wood into a sculptural three-dimensional object that reacts to the movements of air, while the warm glow of light reflecting from the wooden surface combined with the ghostly movement creates a relaxing feeling.

The lamp is on the borderline between art and design, it balances functionality, aesthetics and a bit of magic that we need in our everyday lives.

Ingo Maurer

Created by German designer Ingo Maurer, this unconventional set of lights features blue plastic gloves with frosted lightbulbs attached to the fingertips. The vibrant blue hue is reminiscent of Yves Klein’s signature shade.

Mayice Studio

Mayice Studio creates sculptural lamp from curving glass tube

Madrid-based Mayice Studio created this sculptural lamp using a single piece of undulating glass and one filament. When illuminated, a laser-like effect is created across the metre-long glass tube.


If you enjoyed this article about the 2020 TOP LIGHTING DESIGNERS, you can also find more interior design inspirations and products on our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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