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33BY Architecture: Transforming Ukraine’s Landscape

33BY Architecture: Transforming Ukraine’s Landscape – Meet Ivan Yunakov, the visionary architect behind 33BY Architecture. Since its establishment in 2007, 33BY Architecture has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Discover more about them and their work in this article by the Modern Chandeliers Blog.

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33BY Architecture

Transforming Ukraine’s Landscape

With a passion for crafting comfortable and functional living spaces, 33BY Architecture has solidified its position as a leader in the Ukrainian architectural market. Their mission goes beyond merely creating buildings; they focus on enhancing the overall aesthetics and quality of life for those who inhabit their designs.

One of the key factors that set 33BY Architecture apart is its comprehensive approach to architectural design. They offer a full cycle of services, starting with a detailed analysis of the construction site. From there, they progress through every stage of design, ensuring that the project is well-coordinated, the interiors are thoughtfully developed, and a dedicated designer’s service is provided. This holistic approach guarantees that the client’s vision is seamlessly brought to life.

Get the look:

Empire Suspension

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At the core of their success lies a strategic development plan and a commitment to effective project management. 33BY Architecture has meticulously structured its business processes, resulting in projects that are not only delivered with precision but also within the stipulated time frame. The company’s dedication to the quality of their work shines through in each completed project.

Collaboration is another integral aspect of 33BY Architecture‘s modus operandi. To maintain their high standards, they selectively outsource to only the most highly professional and licensed companies, such as MEP Engineering. This ensures that every facet of the design and construction process meets the exacting standards set by 33BY Architecture.

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The architects and designers of this workshop are in a constant state of growth and evolution. They take a proactive approach to learning, drawing inspiration from both domestic and foreign architectural bureaus and workshops. This dedication to professional development ensures that the latest trends and innovations are seamlessly integrated into each project.

As you explore the diverse portfolio of 33BY Architecture, you’ll notice the breadth of their expertise. From housing and office buildings to commercial spaces, hotels, administrative structures, and even charming cottages, their influence can be seen not only in Kiev but also in various cities across Ukraine, Europe, and the CIS.

Editor’s choice:

Tycho Rectangular Suspension

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