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5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You’ll Love

5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You’ll Love ⇒  Get to know some of the best brands that run the show in Chandelier design and marvel at their beautiful lighting fixtures!




With so much innovation and creativity in the interior design world, it’s not easy to pick just five Luxury Chandelier Brands that keep inspiring and surprising us with their amazing products, but we can say that these five companies are running the show and setting high standards for this industry.


Pinch Design

5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You'll Love
Credits to Pinch Design

Winners of the 2019 Elle Decoration British Design Awards, Pinch Design create products characterised by a quiet yet elegant aesthetic, believing in the beauty of simplicity. With an intense dedication to craft and the process of creating their products, this brand assures both innovative design and high quality.



5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You'll Love


LUXXU is a reference in Luxury Design, presenting quality and innovation in their products, which are mainly trendsetters with an eccentric touch and a modern twist.  With lighting fixtures in iconic places all over the world, such as the Ritz Carlton hotels and Victoria’s Secret stores, this is one of the most exclusive Luxury Chandelier Brands.



5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You'll Love
Credits to Calligaris

Calligaris is an Italian furniture and lighting manufacturer that creates eye-catching lighting solutions for your contemporary home. They focus on establishing harmony between craft and aesthetics, combining a contemporary design style with flexibility and innovation.



5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You'll Love
Credits to Eichholtz


Extreme diversity is Eichholtz’s speciality, a brand that creates lighting fixtures with various styles. From antique lanterns to the most modern geometric creations, this Dutch brand prides itself on using high-quality materials for its designs, ranging from crystal for table lamps or glass beading for chandeliers.


Pieter Adam

5 Iconic Luxury Chandelier Brands You'll Love
Credits to Pieter Adam


If you’re looking for a lighting fixture which doubles up as a source of illumination and a stunning showpiece, Pieter Adam is your go-to. This Luxury Chandelier Brand is very detail-oriented and carefully considers every aspect of its products – from its silk cords to the metal housing for each fixture.


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