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5 Ideas For Decorating The Interior With Industrial-Style Luminaires

Interiors stylized as a “loft” or with elements of industrial objects have not lost their relevance. We offer 5 ways to use industrial-style fixtures that will breathe new life into your interior.

Industrial-Style Luminaires

The options presented are varied and restrained. Most likely, you simply did not pay attention to them, considering them suitable for brutal lofts and bold interiors.

Industrial-style luminaires: 5 applications

industrial style
1. Solution for the kitchen

The presented design solutions for lighting the kitchen give a new life to seemingly old objects, making them an interesting object of interior decoration. Undoubtedly, in the interior, they attract attention. Industrial-style luminaires are not just an original solution, but also a functional local light. They are not afraid of dust, moisture, and other difficult conditions of use.

lighting for the kitchen, industrial-style lamps
2. Bulbs and their analogs? Incredible, but so original

Lamps with an open light source without shades and lampshades – a modern trend in lighting. The industrial appearance of such models is given by electric wires in fabric lashes of different color variations. The light bulbs on the wire look vintage. Such decisions are relevant in restaurants, hotels, and guest houses, as well as private apartments. They are combined with design solutions in different directions from modern and minimalistic to antique stylized. Replacing the usual pear-shaped transparent lamp with another option of unusual shape (spherical, cylindrical), colors (matte, transparent, colored), with a decorative effect (with mirror reflectors and craquelure), the impression of the lamp will be different.

industrial style luminaires: lamps and wires


3. Like a gang of like-minded people, the groups of hanging “bells” in the picture below will look cool

A mixture of industrial with modern furniture (interior decoration) is a good combination. Industrial-style objects are surprisingly good and easy to decorate. The bell lamps illuminate the area of ​​the table above which they are placed. They give directional light, unpretentious care.

lamp-bell, industrial-style lamps
4. A simple and clear form – a winning option for lighting the bedroom

Industrial-style bedside lamps can be pendant, desk, or wall-mounted traditional sconces. Their main task is comfortable lighting of the bedside zone, where you can read before bedtime, discuss scheduled tasks, watch entertaining videos on gadgets, and simply create an atmosphere in the interior. Industrial-style luminaires are combined with most of the stylistic solutions of lounges and bedrooms.

industrial style bedside lamps
5. From simple to unique – this is how the work area can be designed using industrial-style lighting

The working light and the design solution of the lighting device affect the atmosphere in the room

Table lamps for the desktop, which were used in factories, manufactures, factories were designed to provide comfortable operation. Movable and rotary elements, directional light, and the ability to dimming are important for creating a comfortable workplace.

lamp-bell, industrial-style lamps

Industrial-Style Luminaires allow you to feel the breath of the future today. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to not miss our new interesting articles!

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