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5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects -> Are you looking for a disruptive and impressive lighting design? Today we are gonna share with you some amazing projects that can light up your creativity. Be prepared to see the true meaning of “perfect combined” design systems and technology.

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Leaf Pendant Light by Daniel Mato

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

This impressive lighting design by Daniel Mato represents palm leaves and, the shape of this piece gives a different impression from every viewing angle. Just looking at this design, we can feel serenity and delicacy. This piece would look stunning in rooms with little color and decor since this is likely to become de center of attention of all space!

Grain & Fire Portal Light Sculpture by Sunny Jackson

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

This piece is 100% out of the ordinary and at the same time is extremely stunning! Obviously, this unique lighting design is inspired by the raw beauty of earth’s materials and, the result is a beautiful representation of the beauty of nature.

Reverse Sunclock Walllamp by ADD Architecture Studio

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

This impressive lighting design by ADD Architecture Studio not just illuminate the room but also indicates the time through lighting. This beauty features a rotating disc with a six-segment lighting unit on one half. The light segments gradually shut off each hour before the disc rotates 180° and goes through the same process. You can use this beauty to light up your room and indicate time, have you ever seen such an aesthetic clock? 

Foglia Photocatalytic Floorlamp by Kevin Chu

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

The Foglia Photocatalytic Floorlamp represents a massive fern growing from the floor! The impressive lighting design of this piece features multiple light-up panels that use light to purify the air and killing bacterias. Basically, the point is to act the way that sunlight naturally works.

Thorn Lighting by Yılmaz Dogan

5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects

The Thorn Lighting by Yilmaz Dogan came to break the pattern of symmetry and bring us a disruptive design. This impressive lighting design is inspired by the hostile beauty of cacti or barbed wire. Perfect for any room and ready to steal the show!

If you enjoyed this article about 5 Impressive Lighting Design Projects, you can also find more interior design inspirations in our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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