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6 Ways for the perfect placement of a sconce lamp

We are so used to the soft light of the sconce lamps that it seems that these lamps have always existed. Convenient, practical, easy to assemble, do not take up much space. Many of us like to spend our evenings reading a book / watching a movie, while turning off the main lights, leaving an enveloping, dim light on the wall. The evening would not be so perfect without the sconce lamp.

LUXXU lamps

We offer you 6 ways for the perfect placement of sconces in your home interior:
1. Above the stairs

Sconces over the stairs

The staircase needs to be illuminated with great attention from the first to the last step. Stair light is essential to avoid injury, as well as to add beauty to your interior. A great tactic for decoration of your space will be placing several sconces on the wall one after the other at equal intervals.

2. Over a sofa or armchair

Sconce over the sofa

When placing the sconce above the sofa in the living room, the seating area is visually highlighted, the necessary accents are placed in the interior, the individual style and taste of the owners of the house are emphasized. The finished composition can be created using chandeliers, floor lamps, and other lighting devices from the same collection.

3. Near the fireplace

Sconces near the fireplace LUXXU

If the living room has a fireplace, then you can decorate the wall above it by symmetrically placing two or more light sources. The soft light of the lamps will add coziness to the room, create a special chamber atmosphere, naturally zoning the space, highlight the beneficial sides of the situation.

4. At the head of the bed

Sconce at the head of the bed LUXXU

In the bedroom, sconces are placed not only in order to create an intimate atmosphere that promotes relaxation, but also so that you can read before falling asleep. In addition, with sconce lamps, the interior looks complete and stylish.

5. In the kitchen

Sconce in the kitchen LUXXU

In the kitchen, it is advisable to place the lamp in the dining area above the table. Food looks appetizing with additional directional lighting.


6. In the bathroom

Sconce in the bathroom LUXXU

The bathroom, which often looks cold due to the presence of tiles and glass, makes sconces visually warmer and more comfortable. They are usually placed near the mirror, symmetrically.

luxxu lamps

Human imagination has no boundaries, therefore you can think of so much more ways to place a sconce in the interior of your home, be creative, and get inspired with the MODERN CHANDELIERS blog. If you enjoyed our article about 6 WAYS FOR THE PERFECT PLACEMENT OF A SCONCE LAMP, do not forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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