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Bedroom Light – Create Your Dream

Today we’ll talk about the choice of dream bedroom light for your house.  We will present different styles and techniques of choosing the best lighting solution suitable for you and the most important part of your house – Bedroom. Additionally, we will show you several options that are offered by leading interior designers from all around the world.

Size matters

dream bedroom light for your house

The most important aspect that determines the choice of bedroom light is the size of the room. With significant dimensions of the room, you will have to choose several lamps for high-quality lighting of the entire space. For example: in addition to table lamps at the head of the bed and the floor lamp next to an armchair and a small sofa for relaxing, you need to place a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

Mirror as a bedroom light addition

dream bedroom light for your house

If there is a wide panoramic window in the daytime, there will be no problem with lighting in such a bedroom, regardless of its size a huge mirror at the head of the bed will reflect enough of natural light. If you have a small bedroom and an ordinary window, then the lighting should be chosen in accordance with this.

Brilliant statement style

dream bedroom light for your house


Lighting should reflect the color and design scheme of the whole theme in the room, if you have a glamorous bedroom in the chic style of “Hollywood Regency”, then the cascading chandeliers of the original form at the head of the bed will be quite appropriate.

For those who like a modern look, original lighting on chains and a discreet chandelier of a strange shape, which creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, will be really suitable.

Multiple lighting levels

dream bedroom light for your house

Each space includes various types of lights and it is completely impossible to add a few built-in lights to compensate for the loss of emphasis and tasks assigned to lighting. Scattered light fixtures determine the overall aura of the room, and focused lighting is used to highlight individual corners of the room or the entire wall.

Innovative bedside lights

dream bedroom light for your house

Over the past few years, nightlights have evolved and are not limited to just table lamps at the head of your huge bed. Original, sometimes intricate shapes, pendant lights and entire systems have replaced the usual sconces and give the modern bedroom a rather chic and comfortable look.

Play with the atmosphere of the room

dream bedroom light for your house

For better lighting of your bedroom, you can install an electronic dimmer – an automatic regulator of the electrical power of lighting devices. Such regulators are available with programming or you can adjust them by pressing a special button located at the head of the bed. With a dimmer, you can quickly switch between different lighting options or set a program and automation itself will do everything for you. It is up to you to plan your choice of lighting for your bedroom.

Decoration of fixtures

dream bedroom light for your house

Many homeowners make constant mistakes in choosing for the bedroom lights – a beautiful chandelier or an original floor lamp can look amazing in the bedroom, but do they give high-quality lighting. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixtures, it is necessary to take into account not only the fact how they decorate your bedroom light, but also what kind of lighting they give.

Bedroom Light by Annette English

The innovative bedroom light offered by Australian designer Annette English, who currently resides in Los Angeles, USA and is the director of Annette English and Associates, is ideal for someone who likes simple yet luxury and convenient bedroom light solution.

dream bedroom light for your house

Others will choose sparkling chandeliers or modern LED bedroom light built into the ceiling, which is also a pretty reasonable choice.

Flood color

dream bedroom light for your house

Warm and fluffy white lights create a sense of serenity and tranquility and are perfect for passionate, romantic evenings and nights. The brighter the lighting, the more magnificent and attractive your bedroom looks.


Lampshades of different colors create different atmospheres in the room – violet is ideal for a bedroom with a panoramic window that opens a magnificent view of the night metropolis.

dream bedroom light for your house

An important issue and the connection of bedside lamps – if you see wires, cords, switches and sockets in your bedroom, this will not create an idyll for intimate relationships and a relaxing holiday. Decorating all the lighting connection systems in your bedroom is of prime importance – this is one of the simplest secrets of proper lighting. One of the options for connecting table lamps at the head of your bed is shown in the photo – all wires are hidden from prying eyes in white decorative tables. An original solution from modern designers.

dream bedroom light for your house

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