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Celebrate Design With Sia Ardlus 

Sia Ardlus

Founded in 2009, Ardlus Company supply lighting, furniture, and bathroom equipment to complete the projects for their clients not only in Europe. 


Their specialists are ready to complete their objects of any complexity with lighting and furniture equipment and to implement all clients’ wishes.

Celebrate Design With Sia Ardlus 

Ardlus also provides the supply of lighting equipment and furniture from the United States not only to the EU but also to the third countries.

Celebrate Design With Sia Ardlus 

The company Ardlus is dealing with architectural engineering, development of design projects for the private and public places, decoration, and furniture delivery.  They are also managing with construction and repair work for at least 10 years.

Celebrate Design With Sia Ardlus 

They provide the full range of design work: from the architectural concept to the complete object designs. Their company specializes both in private and in public architectural and interior design projects. Over the years, they have implemented a lot of objects, including apartments, country houses, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Celebrate Design With Sia Ardlus 

With the rich experience in creating exclusive interiors, they will help you to puzzle out a great variety of styles and to choose the direction that corresponds greatly to the customers’ taste. Starting with the sketches and finishing with the detailed design project, we are going through all the steps of the creation of the exclusive design project – from the room visualization in 3D-model to the selection of finishing materials, furniture, and lighting. 



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Source: Sia Ardlus

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