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Chandeliers Trends 2020

We all know that when we buy a house, the natural light factor is one of the most important, however it is also a fact that one of the main parts of a house design is focused on lighting. 

This is responsible for creating nooks and crannies and for adding some realness to the decoration itself, so you can’t fail on chandeliers.

No home room is ready without lighting, so this is one of the most important steps in the decorating process. But the process of choosing the chandelier is also not easy, however throughout this article we will help you taking into account styles and chandeliers trends 2020!

L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Dining Room 

For a dining room it is very important to choose a lamp that catches the attention of everyone who enters, however it is necessary to be careful not to become massive for those who are using the dining room.
Chandeliers Trends 2020
It should be centered in the center of the room and the dining table should be centered below it with the lamp for a perfect combination and design.
Light lamps have attracted the attention of interior designers, however it should always have a touch of color and if the idea is really to have luxury in your home, gold and silver are colors that should really be on your horizon.


Living Room

In the living room, we usually have a stronger decoration, so we should think about a more closed lamp, of course if the room is not too big, because the bigger the room the bigger the chandelier must be.


In the living room, the design level is much more “easy” for the choice of colors, however again it is advisable to stay with the transparencies, gold and silver, as these match almost all the colors of sofas and if you want to change you can always keep the chandelier.


In the bedroom, we can be more comfortable with the number of chandeliers we put on.


From the bedside table, dresser, or in the center of the room, we can use and abuse the number and style of chandeliers throughout the space, however it is important to have consistency in every room and no more than 3 chandeliers are recommended in each room.


In the kitchen, we can also vary a lot depending on the layout of the kitchen. If it is a kitchen with a countertop, there should be a lamp in the counter area, if it is a kitchen without a countertop it should have a good chandelier in the center of the space. Here, the pendant lamps work well, however it is necessary to pay attention if the space has dark furniture or light furniture, since the dark ones will not be able to reflect great light.


For today it’s all about the Chandeliers Trends 2020, but you can be tuned because we will have more next week.

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