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Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space

Your closet is the space where you get ready in the morning and choose the outfit that will give you the confidence to conquer the day! As such, every detail in this space should transmit an empowering and luxurious feeling! Today, Modern Chandeliers is going to show you the finest closet lighting ideas to create a glorious environment!


Use a Gold Lighting Piece

Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space Swarovski crystals

Incredibly trendy right now, there is no denying that the gold color immediately evokes the most extravagant sensations!
If your closet has a predominantly neutral colour palette, a gold lighting fixture can undoubtedly provide the missing opulent final touch your closet lighting design needs!

Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space , Swarovski crystals,

In Luxxu’s McQueen Globe Suspension, each leaf is forging its identity in brass and gold plated finishes, giving a set of rhythmic, luminous branches that end up with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals.


Light Up Your Vanity Area

Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space brass and gold plated finishes

The modern woman wants to look polished and glowing even on a tight schedule, so it is crucial that the lighting is right on point to assure a perfect and effective morning routine!


So far, what do you think about our closet lighting ideas? Share your comments with us!


Classical Chandelier

Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space gold lighting fixture

If you are looking for a romantic feeling, you can not go wrong with a crystal chandelier! These pieces are timeless and ostentatious by nature, giving your space the sensation of being in a fairytale!


Let Your Favourite Pieces Stand Out

Closet Lighting Ideas For a Luxurious Space Swarovski crystals,

Installing lighting around the cabinetry’s top perimeter will put the spotlight on your most treasured items of the wardrobe!
If you want a bolder style the last of our closet lighting ideas is to set up illumination points in at the base of the cabinet, achieving a contemporary floating look.



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What are your thoughts on these Closet Lighting Ideas? Feel free to comment on our article!


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