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Dramatic Chandeliers In Luxury Hotels

Dramatic Chandeliers In Luxury Hotels => While Luxury Hotels and Restaurants are known for many things, there are two that are at the forefront of our minds: beautiful buildings and dramatic chandeliers. Take inspiration from these dramatic and luxury chandeliers that offer unique styles. From the Savoy Palace in Portugal to the 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington, those hotels propose massive and dramatic chandeliers giving an extraordinary aspect to the interiors they’re put in.




#1 Savoy Palace, Portugal

Dramatic Chandeliers

The massive chandelier at Savoy Palace gives to the entrance light and a unique luxury style. You cannot pass through it without stopping to stare.


#2 Gramercy Park Hotel, New York

Dramatic Chandeliers

Julian Schnabel’s design at Gramercy Park Hotel includes, among other dramatic chandeliers, a massive fixture made with many light bulbs and offering a cosy atmosphere and a quirky style at the same time.


#3 Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

Dramatic Chandeliers
Credit: Pierre Monetta

Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at Hotel Plaza Athénée offers a dazzling blend of contemporary and traditional French decor.


#4 The Middle House Hotel, Shanghai

Dramatic Chandeliers

The Middle House Hotel’s array of dramatic chandeliers is luxurious and evokes baroque and rococo style.


#5 Glowing Vienna Restaurant, Vienne

Dramatic Chandeliers

Explore Vienna’s stunning restaurant by Gregory Gatserelia of Gatserelia Design. The dramatic chandeliers design has more than just style, it offers a universe.


#6 Hotel Peninsula, Paris

Dramatic Chandeliers

The Hotel Peninsula counts with many dramatic chandeliers, but the one at their lobby is airy and grants the interior light, reflectivity and slight.


#7 Jackalope Hotel, Australia

Dramatic Chandeliers

Jackalope Hotels by Fabio Ongarato Design, offers contemporary decor and spheres have a rural inspiration giving a unique style to the room.


#8 21c Museum Hotel, Lexington KY

Dramatic Chandeliers

Futuristic furnishings and stunning light blue accents give a unique style to 21c Museum Hotel.

Whether the dramatic chandeliers are massive, airy, using luxurious materials, it remains the central element giving all the prestige and elegance to luxury hotels.


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