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Harmonious lighting of living spaces: the secrets of light illusions

“Do not build illusions!” – we say to a person in order to return the one to the world of reality. But, as it turns out, in some cases illusion does not only not interfere, but can also be extremely useful – with its help it is easy to solve problems in arranging the interior. “How does this happen?” – you ask. Let’s talk about the magical manifestations of illusions in the room and answer this question.

Lighting illusions

Lighting illusions can completely visually change the layout of a room

What interferes with coziness and comfort?

dream house

Not everyone succeeds in building a dream house where all the detail are thought out and meets our desires and wishes. This is especially obvious when it comes to the layout of the apartment, where little depends on us.

Low ceilings

Low ceilings, narrowed rectangular rooms, the absence of panoramic windows, and a sufficient amount of light – a phenomenon still widespread. But there are problems of a completely different property: with a large area of ​​the room, you seem to be lost in it, you are uncomfortable, you want more warmth and comfort.

To correct these nuances, it is not necessary to start a radical repair, instead, you can just use optical illusions.

optical illusions

Types of Optical Illusions

Designers distinguish between several types of optical illusions that help visually expand or narrow the room, raise or lower ceilings, create several zones in one room, and much more. Among them are:

  • Color – With the help of color, you can significantly transform a room: narrow it using dark sidewalls and a bright frontal one; make it higher by brightening the ceiling and painting the floor in a brighter shade.
  • Geometry – Vertical and horizontal stripes, squares and circles, large and small wallpaper patterns – all this serves to create illusions that change the perception of space.
  • Mirrors – Ideal option for visual expansion of the room.
  • Trombley – Three-dimensional painting, artwork, additional arches, not real windows and doors will help to hide the flaws of the interior and bring a special touch to it.
  • Light – A massive chandelier or spotlight, directional or diffused light visually adjusts the volume of the room without using 3D wallpapers, a new color scheme, or installing mirrors.

As you can see, the light in this list plays a special role

We adjust the volume of the room with the help of light

We need light not only in order to live, see, work, and feel. It helps to solve a number of problems with the layout of an apartment or house.

volume of the room with the help of light
Wider or narrower?

The room seems too narrow for you and you want to expand it. What should be done?

too narrow room

Evenly illuminate the walls, for example using built-in spotlights located on the ceiling.

Put floor lamps in the corners of the room – they eliminate dark areas, and upward light will make the room higher.

Use soft diffused light: it is evenly distributed throughout the room, making all surrounding objects visible. The plus is the fact that the diffused light will save from the shadow and hide the imperfections of the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Complement the room with reflected light: directed at the walls, it will visually expand it.

Create an emphasis on some bright detail using spotlights. It can be a picture, sculpture, or another decor item. The tightness in the room will become invisible.

There are many possibilities to change the layout of a room without actually changing it – this is not a trick, it is a visual effect created using light illusions

If you are aiming to narrow the space, do exactly the opposite: direct the light from the floor lamps not up, but down; light not the lower but the upper corners of the room; instead of multi-level lighting, use a single lamp, etc.

too narrow room

And if you want to give a rectangular view to a long narrow room or hallway, evenly light three walls, and darken the fourth one – the effect will be achieved.

Higher or lower?

If you want to make the room higher and raise the ceiling. What should be done?

too small room

Lighten the ceiling as much as possible. Especially successful would be a combination of lighting with a glossy ceiling. “Raise” the ceiling of a cold light lamp close to daylight. Ceilings with 3D lighting will work good as well.

Refuse the massive single chandelier: with a low ceiling, it enhances the pressing effect. The more accurate, shorter, and lighter the chandelier will be, the higher the room will appear. It is also desirable that the shades are facing up.

Do not create a multi-level ceiling in a small room – it steals height. LED strips are very good, cornice lighting – the light pours out of nowhere, creating a feeling of height and soaring space.


Living room or lounge area?

zoning the room with light

With the touch of a finger, you can completely change the room you are in. Bright diffused light pouring from the ceiling does not leave any corner of the room dark. And now you are already hosting guests, chatting, or playing board games. Is this not an illusion?

Turn off the central light, leave soft lighting from a floor lamp or sconce, a candlelight, a small point fixture near the TV – and your room will become a relaxation zone, a place where it is convenient to read and watch TV, and for sure an appropriate interior for a romantic date.

zoning the room with light

With the help of spots and table lamps, suspensions and track lights, lights for mirrors, and LED devices, you zone the space, giving it unexpected features.

illusionist light

You do not need to be an illusionist to create an interior in which you will be cozy and comfortable. It is enough to follow our tips and choose the right lighting option.

Light illusions allow you to feel the breath of the future today. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to not miss our new interesting articles!

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