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Home Office Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

When decorating your luxurious home office, chances are you have carefully considered every piece of furniture to the smallest detail to create a flawless work environment, but have you given the lighting design the care it requires? Since the illumination of this space is crucial for both aesthetics and productiveness, Modern Chandeliers is walking you through everything you need to know about home office lighting!



1. Layers of Light


As a space conceived for focus-intensive tasks, a single lighting source can not give you the comfort you desire to efficiently perform your activities- may it be working, holding a meeting or even enjoying a pleasant book!
Our advice to elevate your home office lighting is to warm the ambiance with uniform ambient illumination, preferably placing a dimmer switch to allow for flexibility depending on the hour of the day and/or work requirements and complement with task lighting in the form of lamps in key spots.


2. Focused Lighting

Home Office Lighting_ Everything You Need To Know ambient illumination,

Carefully consider the working areas of your space and adapt the intensity of your task lighting accordingly! You may have a smother floor lamp for your meetings area, and a more intense source of brightness to accompany your readings!


3. Avoid Shadows

Home Office Lighting_ Everything You Need To Know statement chandelier

The placement of your task lighting source on the side opposite from the hand that you write with will avoid unwanted shadows! With this technique, your luxurious office will provide a harmonious work environment while remaining stylish and artistically appealing.


Felling inspired with our home office lighting suggestions? Visit Luxxu’s Website to discover products that will transform your spaces!


4. Combine Natural Light

Home Office Lighting_ Everything You Need To Know Home Office Lighting

When conceiving your elegant workspace, don’t overlook the importance of a natural source of brightness on your home office lighting! Daylight has natural benefits that are visible both physiologically and psychologically, and it elevates the overall design of the room!


5. The Dramatic Factor

Home Office Lighting_ Everything You Need To Know lighting design

All practical considerations aside, a luxury home certainly needs statement pieces that guarantee a touch of originality and eccentricity!
And what can be better to create a splendid home office lighting design than a statement chandelier?
Use a piece of this sort to achieve an impressively beautiful environment!



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What do you think about this article regarding home office lighting? Feel free to share your comments with us! 


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