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Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows When it comes to fashion shows, the challenge is to make an event that lasts no more than 15 minutes more unforgettable than all the other shows the audience will see that day and succeed in conveying the brand’s image and collection at the same time. The set design is just as important as the collection presented, and a statement-making light fixture adds welcome ambiance and gives a decadent and intimate feel to spaces that can often seem bright and clinical.

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Because of its reactivity and periodicity, the pace of fashion gives him almost immediate gratification in contrast to artistic installations that may require years between the initial design and completion. Just as fashion designers have to create something in a very short time, Dreyfus also has to immerse himself in their minds and produce a show in just a matter of weeks.

Chanel 2019-2020 Métiers d’art show

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows





Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Echoing its very first Métiers d’art fashion show which took place in 2002 in the living rooms of 31 rue Cambon, the Parisian fashion house has recreated a spectacular setting under the nave of the Grand Palais for its 2019-2020 Métiers d’art show, reproducing Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment. The house has invited Sofia Coppola to participate in the design of the decor. The designer and director strove to express the identity of Chanel and the fundamental concept of style. To achieve the motto of the fashion house “Fashion changes, but style endures.” the set was filled with crystal chandeliers with tones of purple and black.

Chanel 2003 Métiers d’art show

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

From Bombay to Paris: Chanel stages Indian-inspired fashion show as guests dine on opulent ‘runway’ feast fit for royalty. The Metiers d’Art show, launched in 2003 as a homage to the label’s workshop, saw the Grand Palais in Paris transformed into an Indian-themed dinner party. Guests sat at banquet tables, which doubled as a runway, complete with chandeliers, opulent candle-sticks – and a feast fit for a king.

Dries Van Noten 50th fashion show in 200

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Dries Van Noten celebrated his 50th fashion show in 2004 with a dinner for 500 guests seated at a table that later became the catwalk for the women presenting the collection. Above, a multitude of different chandeliers illuminated the models, creating an environment that looked like a Visconti Movie.

Dolce & Gabbana Milan 2016

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion shows

The theme of this Dolce&Gabbana Milan show dubbed a “Fabulous Fantasy,” which was fairy tales, and chandeliers beautifully draped with pink flowers and vines perfectly accented a set that included Cinderella’s carriage. The goal was to capture and share the essence of light.

Stella McCartney Paris 2017 Show

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Stella McCartney Sustainable Collection standing among the marble-slabbed floors, elaborately frescoed ceilings and giant chandeliers of the Palais Garnier opera house, where the show was staged. With its gilded statues and intricately designed ceilings, the Paris Opera House was an extravagant backdrop for this famous vegan-clothing designer’s show.

Halpern Spring 2020

Iconic Chandeliers In Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers In Fashion Shows

To walk into the Michael Halpern show was to be staggered by the sight of two vast turn-of-the-century chandeliers which had been lowered to the floor level of a grand institutional ballroom in Westminster. The placement of the chandeliers stole the show: rather than hanging over it, they were part of the runway to add a soft glow and surreal aspect to the London set.

The McQueen Suspension by Luxxu

iconic chandeliers at fashion shows

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Light serves as a medium for dialogue between architecture and the viewer, and it speaks not to the intellect but to the emotion. As Fashion Shows and designers draw inspiration from architect and product design, the same happens otherwise. Luxxu Modern Design and Living has a Family of Lights inspired by the late Alexander McQueen known for his over-the-top, darkly romantic and theatrical style.


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Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion ShowsIconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows>Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

Iconic Chandeliers in Fashion Shows

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