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Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Amaze You

Indoor swimming pools are the perfect place to spend your vacation days in cold months or when the summer is just a little bit windier! As enjoyable as they may be, there is always a final touch that can elevate the overall ambiance, giving it a more luxurious vibe, right? As an inspiration, Modern Chandeliers in going to show you fabulous indoor swimming pool lighting designs!


Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Amaze You crystal chandelier, l

Hanging from the glorious stained-glass dome over the pool, the beautifully detailed chandeliers in the Mondrian Doha hotel create an exquisite and surprising environment, where guests can enjoy their luxurious experience to the fullest!


Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Amaze You detailed chandeliers

As we know, a crystal chandelier is an instant eye-catcher! Notice the sense of luxury achieved just by employing the lighting piece in the picture above!


Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Amaze You

At the five-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the lighting fixtures create numerous points of illumination that perfectly highlight the mosaic tiles in shades of azure and gold!


Did you know Luxxu has an amazing chandelier inspired in the stunning Burj Al Arab hotel that could perfectly be a part of this list of Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs? Check it out here! 


Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Amaze You detailed chandeliers-2

The Hyatt New York hotel indoor swimming pool lighting design is the perfect example of how the chandeliers can have a modern twist and still look incredibly luxurious!


If you felt inspired by these indulgent indoor swimming pool lighting designs be sure to visit Luxxu’s Website to discover the perfect lighting pieces for your pool!





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What are your thoughts on these Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Designs? Feel free to comment on our article!


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