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Interior Design Project: A.T.O Studio, Moscow Apartment

Supernova Sconces Boca do Lobo

Interior Design Project: A.T.O Studio, Moscow Apartment ⇒ This contemporary apartment with elements of modern design and art deco details was created by A.T.O studio.  The Interior Design Project stands out with the magnificent Empire Chandelier by Luxxu, which creates an exclusive atmosphere.

A.T.O Studio was founded by Ekaterina Vinokurova and Alexey Gorodkov and is located in Moscow, providing services from residential to commercial around the world.  From their point of view, architecture and design processes are not just ordinary refinings of the surrounding area, but a combination of technology, innovation, and aesthetic perfection.

They thrive in the idea that the output of high-end design and decoration is more than just a nice picture. It is a thoroughly constructed atmosphere and a well-thought-out image.

In this project for a Deluxe Moscow Apartment, some features were already installed, like the floor, ceiling, and walls. Their goal was to organically fill the interior with millworks, natural stone elements, correctly set light, and furniture.

While rethinking the space, A.T.O studio created a new atmosphere and visual perception, choosing Luxxu’s Empire Chandelier as the focal point of the separate rooms, combining the same style in different sizes.

For this particular project, the design falls into a modern neutral-grey color scheme, combining some elements of art-deco style like the marble stones accents and classic touches, with the crystal chandelier. Even combining elements of three different styles, this dream design feels unique and coherent, an ultimate luxury home.

Whilst they don’t apply the same patterns in every single design-project, there’s a story-line between each design project: a statement chandelier.

Even if the spaces are fundamentally different, and each new project is a new story and an opportunity to put a new space in a unique shape.

If you loved some of these stunning scenarios, take a look at the featured Chandelier and other styles of Modern Lights designed by Luxxu Modern Design&Living.

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If you enjoyed this article about some of the Interior Design Project by A.T.O Studio, you can also find more interior design inspirations in our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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