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Interior Styles: Top 5 Designs

For most people, the first acquaintance with interior styles happens on a major redecoration in the house. This is quite normal, because if you are not a professional interior designer or decorator, then it is not necessary to know the nuances of interior styles in advance.

interior design stylesAt the first acquaintance, it is more important to remember the main thing: the interior styles determines what color the walls in the rooms will be, what furniture and decorative elements will look better, what materials are suitable for the floor and ceiling, and, of course, which lamps to choose for the interior. There are many ways to organize your living space and to help you choose the right design faster, we will cover the 5 most popular interior styles.

Classic style

Classicism in the interior emphasizes the owners’ commitment to the aristocratic lifestyle. However, unlike baroque and empire, which use multi-tier stucco molding, classicism is a strict and restrained style.

Classic style

Features of the classic interior design:

  • large sizes of rooms, the height of the rooms plays a particularly important role; Since massive classic furniture is used, then low ceilings would look caricatured. The strict geometry of the premises is also crucial;
  • colors – pastel, beige, and cream shades;
  • for the arrangement of floors a parquet board or laminated wood panel will be a perfect fit, the walls are glued with heavy wallpaper, most often vinyl or textile. The ceiling is painted white, and framed by restrained stucco molding along the contour;
  • luxury, wide furniture is used in a classic style;
  • lighting is set by one main massive chandelier. In addition, wall sconces are used;
  • decorative elements – a large mirror in an original wooden frame, paintings with classic themes, glass vases, plaster figurines.

Classicism is characterized by certain congestion of space, which is favorable for leisurely social conversations.

Modern style

modern style in the interior

In this style, aristocracy and the severity of classicism are interwoven with the new trends of the modern era – manufacturability and functionality. The modern style in the interior is a design style that is free, completely different from the classics.

Features of the modern interior design:

  • calm shades of color, natural colors are welcome: white, beige, light brown. Also, gold and silver shades are well combined with modern interiors;
  • wooden flooring and furniture. Stone countertops look very original in combination with stylish stools or chairs;
  • lighting that can be adjusted depending on the task: receiving guests, private dinner, watching TV, etc. To do this, use lamps located at different levels: ceiling, walls, and floor lamps, table lamps;
  • decorative elements – vases and large glass floor lamps. On the walls are paintings, reproductions, modern photographs.

This style is open for experimentation: try using different wallpapers on the walls or combine parquet and stone tiles on the floor. Consumer electronics and state-of-the-art equipment blend in perfectly. The interior in a modern style, in the first place, characterizes its owner as a bright personality.

Loft or industrial-style

loft style in interiorsAs early as the 50s of the twentieth century, interior designers began to actively equip abandoned storage facilities. The production facilities differed from the layouts of ordinary housing, which led to an interesting synthesis in design.

Features of the loft interior design:

  • the interior here requires large spaces, very high ceilings, huge windows and lots of natural light;
  • colors – shades of terracotta and gray prevail;
  • wall design – masonry or imitation of stone trim. A concrete screed and laminate are laid on the floor, the ceiling is decorated with floor beams for greater similarity with the production workshop;
  • the lighting is as natural as possible, so the windows are almost always not curtained. For artificial lighting, spots, and sconces in a thematic style are used;
  • decorative elements should be in line with the loft-style – paintings by contemporary artists, various posters, graffiti, etc.

Loft requires courage from the owner of the house and the designer. Suitable for creative youth and people leading an active lifestyle.

Minimalism style

minimalism in the interior, lighting in the style of minimalism

The desire for a simple design of housing has created a unique and unpretentious style – minimalism. The presence in the house of only the items necessary for a comfortable life is welcomed, thus creating more freedom for movement.

Features of the minimalism interior design:

  • Suitable for apartments and country houses of any size;
  • versatility is the main feature of the style. Minimalism loves the rigor and orderliness of the layout;
  • color shades – white or light shades of gray. In the premises for rest, decoration in pastel colors is possible;
  • Finishing – natural, simple and high-quality materials are preferred. Light wallpaper or wooden panels are suitable for walls, a parquet board or laminated panels are traditionally laid on the floor, the ceiling is painted white;
  • furniture is used strictly with clear lines and right angles. Materials for the manufacture of furniture can be very different: glass, durable plastic, steel. Transformable furniture is preferred;
  • the necessary lighting is created by built-in lighting devices. Ceiling spots and wall fixtures of simple shapes are used;
  • decorative accessories are rarely used in minimalism, and if they are used, they also carry a functional load.

Surprisingly minimalism is quite popular among wealthy people.


Provence style, Provence style lighting

The interior in the Provence style is easy to meet in a trendy cafe, where artists, designers, and people of creative professions hang out most often. This direction came from France.

Features of the Provence interior design:

  • the room under Provence should be spacious and bright, so huge windows and a large number of sources of natural light are welcome – these are the main criteria for choosing;
  • light colors prevail, however, household items and decor can be bright saturated colors;
  • the walls are decorated with decorative plaster, can be decorated with wooden panels. A board is used for floors, but in the absence of such, parquet and even tiles are suitable. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams or a raised beam;
  • furniture made from natural materials, most often wood and rattan;
  • accessories are a special recognizable feature of the Provence style. Preferences in decoration are given to floral ornaments, old or artificially aged things, lace napkins.

How to choose from the whole variety of interior styles?

interior styles and lighting

First of all, listen to your inner voice. If you do not like classicism, believe me, you will not feel comfortable in a house decorated classically, even if all friends and relatives will be delighted. Pick up for yourself!

Cosiness and comfort are two important criteria that all interior styles must meet.

Ask for advice professional designers, look through magazines with interiors, look at web resources. Do not try to combine sharply opposed styles, remember about harmony, and leave some space in the house to move.

Be individual, do not deviate from the plan!

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