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Lamps in the movies: did you notice them?

How often do you watch movies? Have you ever paid attention to what kind of lighting devices appear in the spotlight? Of course, if we are talking about a luxurious multi-level chandelier in the palace or lobby of a five-star hotel, then such a moment is difficult to miss. But the smaller dimensions of the lamps probably were left without your attention. Let’s change it!

Lamps in the movies

Light and shadow – movie secrets

Different types of lighting are used to soften shadows from the main light. The right light makes the scenes realistic, distributes the necessary accents. With its help, you can add drama or shine to the hair of the actor, etc. Knowing all this wisdom, the filmmakers skillfully use them. Correctly delivered light helps in the creation of a quality film.

Nevertheless, most often in cinema, interior lamps play a more decorative, atmospheric role, while direct lighting is provided by special equipment. Designers and architects know that the quality of the interior perception depends on the quality of light and the right settings for the filming equipment. Lighting elements are becoming increasingly important. Take a closer look at the screen and you will see how imperceptibly ordinary lamps make the room cozy and harmonious, and create a special atmosphere.

Celebrity Lighting Design

Maxi Grand lamp from the “Double Life of Veronique" movie
Maxi Grand lamp from the “Double Life of Veronique” movie

Light in modern design is gaining more and more attention from designers. Thanks to interesting fixtures, interiors in famous Hollywood films become famous and recognizable. Among the stars were: Utopia (Artemide factory, the series “Star Trek”), Maxi Grand (Fontana Arte, the film “Double Life of Veronique”), Cyclos (Artemide, the James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough”).

Underwater city ("Star Wars"Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
Underwater city (“Star Wars” Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

An interesting fact is that beautiful lamps do not only exist in the lives of celebrities and act in movies, they also inspire new ideas. For example, the Tiffany lamps impressed the creators of the “Star Wars” so much that they served as an idea for creating a fantastic underwater city (Episode I: The Phantom Menace).

Tiffany lamp ispiration
Tiffany lamp inspiration

In addition, the Tiffany lamp has also appeared in the frames of the famous painting “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Painting “Breakfast at Tiffany's”

Celebrity lamps also include Louis Poulsen fixtures. For example, you can see AJ wall models in the movie “The Black Knight”. If you pay attention to the interiors of the premises in Hollywood films, then you could notice that none of them miss lamps from the Costanza series of the LucePlan factory. They find their place in any room of the house and make it quiet and comfortable.

How do you mean these lamps are not famous?

Faithful companion of cinema

Arco lamp by Achille and Piere Giacomo Castiglioni
Arco lamp by Achille and Piere Giacomo Castiglioni

Arco lamp is an unchanging classic, despite the fact that he is almost 55 years old. Its developers, the Italian masters Achille and Pierre Giacomo Castiglioni, managed to combine flexibility, strength, and versatility. The lamp received its name from the curved metal part of the lamp, which is made in the form of an arch. The marble base gives the lamp stability and also allows the interior to blend in, harmoniously. It can be conveniently arranged among the velvet curtains in the living room, and near the desktop in a modern interior, and even in the middle of the kitchen.

Arco lamp in the "Iron Man"
Arco lamp in the “Iron Man” movie

This floor lamp is a movie star and a favorite of cameras. It appeared in the scenes of many famous movies. The Arco lamp played a role in the “Iron Man” and “Italian Robbery”.


Swarovski Lamps 

Swarovski lamps in film "The Great Gatsby".
Swarovski lamps in “The Great Gatsby” movie

If we talk about luxury lighting design than we should pay attention to Swarovski lamps. They are insanely beautiful, sophisticated, rich, and unique. These are the favorites of high-budget movies. For example, the chic Camelot chandelier was shot in the famous movies “Black Swan”, “The Great Gatsby”. Jubilee’s diamond-shaped lights impressed the audience in James Bond (“Die, But Not Now”). With their oblong shape and sparkling crystal elements, they filled the Ice Palace and resembled icicles themselves.

Camelot chandelier in "Black Swan" movie
Camelot chandelier in “Black Swan” movie

The unique Crystal Cascade impresses with its beauty. Many directors are hunting for it. It had managed to star in more than one film. These are such world-famous movies as: “Sex and the City”, “13 Ocean’s Friends”. Lamps from the collections of Da Vinci and Quantum are some of the most recognizable in the world of cinema. Da Vinci lamp is known for its shape – the perfect ball. A Quantum lamp is a six-tier floor lamp made of crystal plates. They were shot in the movie “Arthur”.

Da Vinci lamp the perfect ball

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