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Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs 

Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs 

As we already know Airbnb is not just in the regular homestay and tourism industry but in the luxury market also. Anybody can rent from now on a private island, a high end apartment or a castle via the application. Now let’s see the best lighting designs in the world’s most expensive, luxury Airbnbs!



Swiss Alps


Lighting design in the world's most expensive Airbnbs

The available apartments in the Swiss Alps are usually designed in Scandinavian and in Rustic style and they are highly cozy and comfortable. They have enormous windows which are able to let the natural light in and also function as paintings of the fantastic landscapes in the rooms. Breathtaking lighting options are used here as well, LED lighting is placed under a table and a fireplace is used as a source of lighting also.

Lighting design in the world's most expensive Airbnbs


New Zealand

Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs

Let’s take a look at the other side of the world! The famous and unbelievable New Zealand has luxury Airbnbs also and we have to admit that they are wonderful. For instance, this apartment has a unique chandelier made out of horns and it is the most highlighted piece in the room.

Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs

This modern living room’s cozy atmosphere is enhanced by this unique chandelier. What can we say? Luxury Airbnbs love gorgeous lighting designs!

Punta Mita, Mexico

Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs

Luxury Airbnbs are available in Mexico as well and Punta Mita is one of the most popular places of the wonderful country. The interior design is ruled by the luxurious minimalistic style with tropical vibes. Regarding the lighting design, enormous chandeliers such as the one above are appreciated in white color. Furthermore, the outdoor lighting has to be mentioned due to the cozy atmosphere which it creates.

Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs


Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs

At last but not least, the amazing island of Bali is one of the must places to visit if we are talking about luxury Airbnbs. Villa Samuan‘s lighting design is constructed carefully on the outside as well as on the inside. Pendant pieces and wall lamps are used and they create a gorgeous concept.Lighting design in luxury Airbnbs


What do you think about Luxury Airbnbs and the amazing lighting design in them? Feel free to comment and share!




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