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Lighting Designer: who is this person?

Many people mistakenly believe that lighting design is for everyone who can choose a beautiful lamp in the room. However, we see primarily not the lamps, but the light itself. Light surrounds us, is reflected, refracted and scattered in space. The field of work of a lighting designer is work with lighting, a light environment, and atmosphere.

The profession of a lighting designer

In order to carry out their work efficiently, the lighting designer must have in-depth knowledge in various fields and work in a team with other specialists. He does not manufacture, sell, or provide equipment. The main tasks of lighting design are related to the integration of lighting in architecture and interior.

The work of a lighting designer is a combination of science and art, on which the client’s business tasks are often superimposed. The project requires a discussion of the appropriateness of applying a particular lighting method and a deep understanding of the material.

Lighting Designer


First of all, professionalism is based on knowledge, skills, and experience. Lighting design requires knowledge of the characteristics of sunlight, color skills, and an understanding of architectural styles. A lighting designer works on the effects of light and color on a person from a psychological and physiological point of view, always taking into account norms and standards.

Lighting Designer

It is important to know the climatic features of the country in order to choose the right equipment. One of the most important tasks of a lighting designer is to keep abreast of trends in the lighting equipment market. It’s not about using only new fixtures in the project. We are talking about the diverse and specific lighting manufacturers and lighting designers. About new technologies and trends in the field of lighting design.

Lighting Designer

A lighting designer can solve the tasks of the interior, architectural, and landscape lighting. The light is invisible until it meets an obstacle. Lighting control in a project is a difficult task, the solution of which becomes a continuation of the design, visibility is improved, and shape, volume, and color are supplemented. In creating lighting schemes, lighting design needs experience, knowledge, and of course, talent.

Efficiency and economics

Efficiency and economics

Lighting must be functional, open, and energy-efficient. Each project has not only a visual component but also an economic side. Reduce the cost of using energy-efficient equipment, daylight, and reflective surfaces.

Efficiency and economics

Often, a lighting designer works for the staff of a company that designs and supplies equipment, or contacts buyers of lighting equipment.

Visualization, presentation, and delivery of work

Visualization, presentation, and delivery of work interior design by a light designer

The result of the work of a lighting designer is a thoughtful lighting project. It all starts with developing a concept. The next steps are lighting design and visualization. Typically, lighting systems are associated with electrical and automated systems. Depending on the task, the necessary equipment for the project can be presented. The result is usually made out in the form of a presentation and/or album.

A lighting designer today is more than just an interior designer. This is an artist who solves the complex tasks of lighting. Proper lighting improves mood and awakens the desire to return to a certain place again.

Lighting Designer

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