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Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love

Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love -> Your bedroom is your place for relaxation so should be comfortable and with a design that reflexes what you are passionate about. A room that makes you fall in love every day all over again. Turning a bedroom from drab to luxurious can seem complex but it’s actually not. In this article we will show you all about the best luxurious bedrooms, so you can finally find that perfect design.ebook wall lamps gallery Behind the Scenes – An art gallery of lighting articlebanner ebookwalllamps

Luxury Neutral Bedroom

Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love

A project by: Egorova Marina

Who doesn’t love to see neutral and gold tones together? They are a perfect match. No matter how much time passes this color mix is always a good choice if you want to add glam to your bedroom, also light tones will transmit you peace once you get in your bedroom to rest or just relax. As you can see in this bedroom, natural light is one of the main elements of this design, which brings even more soul and peace to this stunning room! To finish, we couldn’t let pass by the beautiful chandelier, which is the ultimate luxury touch for the ones who love the attention given to detail. The blend between brass and crystal glass creates extreme elegance, don’t you agree?

Modern, Classic & Luxury Bedroom

Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love

This bedroom is the definition of perfection, the way that different materials and textures are combined without looking saturated is just incredible also, the gold notes gives this design the right amount of luxury. The colors choice is super soft (enough to make feel cozy and relaxed) but not boring at all! The stunning Tycho Round Suspension with gold-plated finish turns this bedroom design even a more outstanding creating, right?

Stunning Neutral Tones Bedroom

Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love

A project by: T.H.I Interiors

This stunning bedroom officially steals the show because it has a lot of pieces like pendants, chandeliers and strong furniture yet doesn’t feel exhausting to the eye, quite the opposite. This bedroom has an amazing atmosphere due to the mix of crystals and gold-polished pieces in a really light-colored palette.

Lovely Light and Neutral Bedroom

Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love

A project by: Abramova Design

This beautiful bedroom is full of soul because it combines the simplicity of light and neutral tones with strong furniture and a lot of different details and textures. The main detail in this design is the Brubeck Round Suspension Lamp with is gold-plated finish and sculptural shape that gives a retro chic vibe to the bedroom.

If you enjoyed this article about Luxurious Bedrooms: Impossible Not To Fall In Love, you can also find more interior design inspirations in our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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