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Luxury Chandeliers Throughout History

Luxury Chandeliers Throughout History ⇒  Throughout the centuries, luxury chandeliers have made their way into our interiors, to the point of becoming the most popular decorative object and a staple in home design. The word “chandelier” originates from the French word “chandelle” meaning candle. The earliest luxury chandeliers were of simple design, made of two wooden beams forming a cross, with spikes at the end to retain candles made of animal fat. Let’s see how it evolved from that time to nowadays.


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The Middle Ages And The Renaissance Luxury Chandeliers

Luxury Chandeliers


At that time, the chandelier was important because it provided a good source of light at a time when electricity had not been invented yet. The design of these chandeliers was very simple and made of candles, wood, and steel for the structure. Moreover, the chandelier was a symbol of wealth, luxury and class since only the wealthier families could afford to have and maintain a chandelier.

Baroque And Rococo Luxury Chandeliers 

Luxury Chandeliers


Decorative objects such as the chandelier were now available to more people due to the Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, the introduction of gas at the time and its usage in chandeliers also changed the perception of people of decorative objects and interior design. During the same period, the Baroque and Rococo styles emerged, known for their statement due to their size, materials, and overall design. The Rococo style gained popularity during the reign of Louis XV and the typical chandeliers of this period were very detailed and made of bronze.

Art Deco Luxury Chandeliers

Luxury Chandeliers


The Art Deco movement saw many changes in design and construction. At this time, light fixtures were dramatic, elegant and luxury items for the home decoration. These chandeliers also exhibited the traditional characteristics of the Art Deco style with long, vertical silhouettes or through streamlined and modern, such as LUXXU’s Empire Chandelier, truly inspired in this epoch.


Modern-Day Luxury Chandeliers


These days, they are no rules regarding chandelier styles. Chandelier design can incorporate features of the past or go off in a completely new direction. All that matters is how the chandelier stands, lights and wows the interior.


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