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Luxury lamps are a great gift for yourself because it creates something beautiful for you, something that you will look at every day, all year round.

luxxu empire lamp
What does luxurious lighting mean?

Luxury lighting can mean different things to different people. But it can be determined by the following characteristics:

  • StyleThere are certain styles that, due to their more refined detailing, reckon with the relatives of luxury – Art Deco, Gothic, Rococo, etc. But this does not mean that simpler, more modern forms cannot also feel luxurious and high-quality;
  • Unique fixtures similar to an artwork – There are lights that defy simple classification. The idea is that the item is unique and carefully crafted, creates a feeling of exclusivity, and, as a result, luxury.
  • Finishes/materials – There is no doubt that luxurious materials lead to luxurious fixtures.
  • Scale – For some, nothing speaks of luxury better than its size, the larger it is the more luxurious the lamp.
  • Shine, shine – Or maybe the feeling of luxury comes from the quality of the light. A magical, sparkling aura spreads a sense of luxury throughout the room.
Luxurious lighting can enhance any room in the house. For instance:

Luxury Suite in the lobby

Often, especially in large houses, the first impression you make on your guests is in the lobby. The choice of luxury lamps here serves as a preview of what should appear in other rooms throughout the house

luxxu lamp lobby

Living room – individual luxury

Since people are sitting and gathering in the living room, adding a truly unique luxury lamps installation that looks like art in a strategically significant task! Space can become a conversation starter, and if you choose it correctly, be sure the result won’t make you wait.

luxxu lamps living room

Bedroom – warm luxury lamps

There are many lighting fixtures that convey luxury with rich finishes. For example, warm gold tones are a hot trend in lighting. They add richness and depth to the interior. It is also pretty chic to mix these gold colors with other lighting finishes, such as polished nickel or chrome, as long as you diffuse the shades and tones throughout the space to ensure overall interest and maintain eye movement.

Luxxu bedroom lamps

Bathroom – shining luxury lamps

In addition to other areas in the bathtub that should have lighting – for example, a shower or a steam room – it is possible to add shine either from a luxurious ceiling lamp or using a dressing table. If you can afford only one or the other, dressing table lighting is the most important as it is the place where we perform daily treatments.

Luxxu bathroom lamps


Each has its own luxury

Although it may be a super-glamorous chandelier with richly decorated details or a simple glass globe, the definition of luxury lamps is in the eye of the beholder. In addition to brilliance and wealth, it can be characterized by its style, if it has artistic value and quality. Just remember – do not overdo it. Carefully choose those luxury fixtures and areas of each room where it will have a strong impact while performing its best function.

luxxu lamps

Luxury lamps allow you to feel the breath of the future today. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to not miss our new interesting articles!

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Heritage penthouse in liverpool