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Luxury Staircase Chandeliers Lighting Up The Home

Luxury Staircase Chandeliers Lighting Up The Home => We walk down and up the stairs everyday the choice of the chandelier is a main choice, the staircase chandeliers have to create a luxurious statement in the home. We’ve put together 5 ideas of the staircase chandeliers for you to take inspiration from and to light up your stairway.




Grand Vortex Chandelier


Staircase Chandeliers

Grand Vortex Chandelier has been designed by Martin Huxford Studio. This avant-garde chandelier give a unique style to the stairway, with his slender asymmetric arms and his contrasting upright curved shades.


Halo chandelier


Staircase Chandeliers

Hola chandelier will give a futurist and cool air to your staircase. Halo is a series of bold lamps inspired by the warm glow of their illuminaire. Halo chandelier is sophisticated and stunning the staircase.


Spiral Chandelier


staircase chandeliers

Giving the illusion of float in the airs with his crystal tears. This spectacular spiral light gives lights at the middle of the staircase, it is what a lot of people dream of when we speak about staircase chandeliers.


Tanzania Chandelier


staircase chandeliers

To give an exotic and natural environment to your space choose the Tanzania Chandelier. A beautiful contemporary fixture made in glass which will shine in the stairwell.


Empire chandelier


Staircase Chandeliers

This luxurious chandelier inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building. It more than any staircase chandelier will light your staircase.

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