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Marine Style Lighting | Enjoy sea breeze at home

Marine style is a close relative of Provence. Unlike Provence, it focuses more on preserving pastel-colored items in the design, thereby giving the interior lightness and freshness. For experienced sailors and fans of romantic landscapes, the marine theme will be close. Lamps in a marine style play an important role: they emphasize the dignity of the interior and maintain a sunny mood.

Marine style decore
Characteristic of the marine style

The character of the style is formed by colors and their combination. These colors must be present in the room, used in the decoration of walls and ceilings, furniture, decorative ornaments, and, of course, lamps. The most characteristic ones are blue, yellow, white. They match the most popular colors in seascapes.

Marine style decore

If the room needs to be made similar to a ship’s cabin, imitation is carried out using the brown color that is characteristic of wooden furniture. Shades of primary colors such as red and green help to recreate, if necessary, the image of sunrise and sunset morning and evening resort motifs in any weather. The furnishings of many living rooms, as well as the design of cafes and restaurants, correspond to these themes.

Marine style decore

To achieve the correct color combination try to:

  • use paints to cover the walls: wallpaper is not the best option in this style, because it is not characteristic for the marine theme: in the ship’s cabin you will definitely not find neatly glued walls;
  • decorate with various natural materials: pebbles, shells, algae (for example, by installing an aquarium), various figurines of the inhabitants of the ocean depths, characters of myths, and popular movie plots. You can also place jewelry using rope, leather, miniature nets;
  • place posters that can replace any missing decorations: waves, the glare of moonlight on the water surface or even a sea breeze;
  • use items that are associated with ships, the work of a sailor: a steering wheel, a captain’s cap or a sailor’s hat, old maps, ships in bottles, a life preserver.
  • the style can be diluted with elements of other styles: Provence, which was founded by the inhabitants of the southern coast of France. They were familiar with the landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea firsthand and they displayed them in their homes. The Scandinavian style is known for its light tones, for which seascapes are also not alien.
Marine style decore
Marine style lighting requirements

The lighting, first of all, should be bright. More precisely, to be able to be bright, since the light of muted yellow or orange tones is also important for evening relaxation, which recreates the effect of a sunset. Daylight is provided by large windows and light colors. If there is a space provided for a window in the ceiling (for example, for attic rooms), this becomes a huge plus for the interior.

Marine style decore

For bright lighting in the dark, different scenarios can be used – it all depends on the design ideas and desires of the owners. The main lighting can be provided by a central chandelier or lamps installed in different places. The central chandelier can be replaced by several spotlights built into the ceiling. Complement the lighting plan and add sconces and table lamps.

Marine style decore

The nice idea will be to put a floor lamp next to the sofa or armchair. The main condition that is imposed on all models is their compliance with style requirements: the absence of black colors, contrasting combinations, classic crystal elements.


Which lamps are suitable for the marine style

The style does not require any particular type of fixture: pendant or ceiling chandeliers, rough metal models, or lightweight fabric sconces. The main condition: compliance with the general idea of ​​design and decor.

Marine style decore

Lamps can compensate for the lack of any decor items, or even take a dominant role in the interior. For example, it is a good idea to install a fan lamp in the room. This type of lamp is loved due to its ability to copy the action of the wind and mentally transfer you closer to the seashore and sand.

Marine style decore

It is better to equip luminaires with incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps – they emit light of a warm glow temperature. Modern LED bulbs in luminaires with dimmers that allow you to control the brightness of the glow will add modern chic to the interior.

Marine style decore

Luminaires, the design of which follows the shape of the plants, marine animals or sailboats are perfect for the interior and suitable for the children’s room. They look less saturated but leave a clear hint of marine sketches. On the other hand, for a more conceptual design of premises (for example, cafes and restaurants), models that refer to a shipyard with jute decor are ideal.

Marine style decore

If you find it difficult to choose a lamp for the interior of your room, contact Modern Chandeliers consultants – we will help you choose a perfect lamp suitable for you. If you enjoyed our article about Marine style lamps, then feel free to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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