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Minimalist Christmas Decor

Minimalist Christmas Decor -> This one is for the minimalist decor lovers.. as you all know, Christmas time is arriving and the truth is that this season isn’t the same without string lights hanging around the house and, if you’re looking to go with a minimalist Christmas decor we gather some ideas and inspirations through this article that will create the perfect atmosphere in this magical time of the year. Let’s find out more?

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#1 Lightweight Tree

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © SKLUM

This simple and elegant tree is a minimalist Christmas decor reference. If you are tired of the traditional plastic big Christmas trees this may be the perfect choice for you. An irreverent piece that will save you a lot of space because of its light body and size, plus you can decorate this beauty with any theme you want!

#2 Star Cluster

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © Urban Outfitters

Very minimalist and elegant, this hang starlight will fill your space with light and will give a cozy atmosphere to every room! The magic of Christmas decor is in the lights so, go all for it with some hanging lights like this one! Perfect for a classy and minimalist Christmas decor.

#3 Shinny Star

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © Urban Outfitters

If you wan’t go with a more relaxed decor you can add some minimalist details that will make all the difference. You can light up the space with a shinning star like this one or a string light in some corner or furniture of the room. This may seem small details but will warm up the atmosphere in your home.

#4 Minimalist Christmas Tree

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © Architecture and Design

This minimalist Christmas decor has a lot of details yet is very simple and fresh. The truth is that we don’t need the classic giant Christmas tree to make the most stunning Christmas decor ever and this one proves it. Go for a minimalist Christmas tree with some dazzling string lights that will create a cozy and warm holiday feeling.

#5 Delicate plaster leaves by artist Peter Hone

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © House and Garden

If you are a looking for some kind of replacement for the green or light trees, you will fall in love with this one. Designed by Peter Hone with a very minimalist touch, just the natural branch, white leaves and small white and gold stars, perfect for any room.

#6 LED Tree

Minimalist Christmas Decor

Photo © Shop Terrain

If you’re all about lights this could your tree choice! This beautiful led tree has hundreds of LED bulbs and promises to create the minimalist Christmas decor with a warm and festive atmosphere you so much want. Bring all the family and enjoy a cozy environment that will make everyone stay as much as possible.

If you enjoyed this article about Minimalist Christmas Decor, you can also find more interior design inspirations in our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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