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Moritz Waldemeyer – Design & Lighting Design

Moritz Waldemeyer is a German designer who lives in London. His work covers a wide range of creative fields: from art and design to the world of fashion and entertainment. But each of them is a kind of lighting art.

Moritz Waldemeyer

His studio was founded in 2004 and was built on the philosophy of playful experiments with technology, art, fashion, and design. Such diversity made possible joint projects with Swarovski, Audi, and Microsoft, and work with world-famous stars like Rihanna, U2, Take That, for which unique costumes were created.

Moritz Waldemeyer luminous costumes for world stars
Moritz Waldemeyer luminous costumes for world stars

How Moritz Waldemeyer came to design

Moritz grew up in a creative family: grandfather and grandmother were artists, aunt – a sculptor and a jeweler, uncle – an industrial designer. He was surrounded by people creating things and objects for people. As a child, Moritz Waldemeyer was interested in inventions and technologies. As a teenager, Moritz Waldemeyer went to study international business in London and then went to the States for an internship in Bosch. From there, he returned to London with the decision to become an engineer. He started working at Philips and it was then that interest in design came.

About the creative team

The creative studio of Moritz Waldemeyer is a small team of 4–5 people. London is a place close enough to be creatively deployed, and very expensive. The backbone of the team consists of several people, which makes the work of the studio flexible. Since tasks and projects are diverse, people with skills in different areas are needed. Thus, you can always find the right freelancers for each project.

Moritz Waldemeyer team

Designer Workflow of Moritz Waldemeyer

Usually, an idea comes suddenly, quickly. But when the task is connected with research, development, and creation (production), then it takes a lot of time and energy. There is not enough time to research different ideas all the time, but in real conditions, everything happens as it should.

Moritz Waldemeyer

Design and lighting design. Projects: luminous clothes, LED suits

Video dress, under the fabric of which 15,000 LEDs are mounted. One dress shows on the LED screen the silhouettes of sharks in the sea, and the other shows the phases of flowering roses. The effect fascinates with its duality: free white material that hides the glowing dots of LEDs and image distortion, which seems pulsating outside of existence.

– for Philip Treacy, the idea of ​​weightlessness was used. The light trail from the LED strip around the model’s head, as if not touching the body, but is floating in the air. They managed to achieve this effect by installing a compact propeller on the head, in which each blade ends with a line of LEDs. When the propeller comes into motion, the blades are hidden from view and only the halo light effect from the LED’s remains.

Moritz Waldemeyer luminous hat

– part of the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, presented a collection of carnival costumes in the style of Rio de Janeiro with LEDs. One hundred and forty LED chips were mounted in suits, programmed to pulsate to the rhythm of Brazilian drums.

2012 Olympic Games in London

– specially for the Audi event at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva, futuristic costumes were developed for dancers by Moritz Waldemeyer

Moritz Waldemeyer light shows for the Olympics and Audi


Lighting Design: Moritz Waldemeyer

Moritz creates not only original clothes or arranges light performances. He put his hand to the creation of lamps. Lighting design and work with light in its various manifestations constantly occupy the designer:

Candel – candles in the wind for the Ingo Maurer factory – a revolutionary lighting concept that uses LED technology to recreate lighting from a deep past. The lamp imitates the shape and effect of the candle, its flame, and at the same time is a complex modern product.

Ingo Maurer Flying Flames

A clean and minimalist design – an open circuit board that houses a modern microprocessor and 256 high-quality LEDs – that’s all it takes to recreate a natural flickering flame. When you look at a lamp from a close distance, it is difficult to distinguish artificial light from real light. This is made possible thanks to the color temperature of the LEDs. And only when you come close to Candel, you begin to distinguish between a digital display that broadcasts the effect of a flame.

Moritz Waldemeyer

– Facet luminaire for Lasvit is created from separate independent glass blocks, each of which has its own light source. A group of diamond-shaped hexagonal elements represents a stacked light object. On the one hand, the Facet lamp seems very concise and graphic. But if you look closely at the profile of the elements, then their shape repeats the contours of classic traditional chandeliers.

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