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Most Beautiful Casino Chandeliers Across The Globe

Most Beautiful Casino Chandeliers Across The Globe => Casinos exude understated sophistication, prestige and luxury largely because of their interior design and the casino chandeliers that keep getting bigger, more luxurious and luminous. In fact, casino chandeliers are what you need when creating a luxurious atmosphere, Las Vegas is a well-known expert in the field but there are all across the globe. From throwback palaces like Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco to modern casinos as Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at these amazing chandeliers.



Casino Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Casino Chandeliers


The interior design of the casino Neuchâtel in Switzerland features casino chandeliers made in collaboration with GDarchitects, giving the space a futuristic style with their long and cylindrical shape.


Hotel Lisboa, Macau, China


The massive crystal chandelier in Hotel Lisboa provides luxury, light, and grace to the entrance.


Crown Casino, Australia

Casino Chandeliers

A sphere made up of a set of bulbs makes up this unique and innovative chandelier.

The Ritz Club, London

Casino Chandeliers


The casino chandeliers in the Ritz Club set the ambience of the casino, which is both classic and contemporary.


Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

Casino Chandeliers

The chandelier of the Cosmopolitan incarnates the extravagance of Las Vegas because of its size and luminosity.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Casino Chandeliers

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is, perhaps, the grandest and the most iconic casino in the world. James Bond would be at home with those classic and glamourous casino chandeliers.


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