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Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers – Venetian Murano chandeliers are widely appreciated as one of the most beautiful and decorative types of chandeliers and glass art. When someone talks about Italian chandelier style or Venetian chandelier style, the person usually refers to glass chandeliers made in the island of Murano, Italy. The particularity of these chandeliers is that they are hand blown and made according to the 700 years of glass blowing tradition in Murano.

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These Murano glass chandeliers embody the perfect alliance of Italian art and beauty, as expressed by glass artists who have attained complete mastery of their craft. These luxurious artworks can be infused with gold or silver and can be made in any size and color.


Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

The first Murano glass chandeliers produced by Venetian glassmakers date back around the year 1700. This new type of chandelier was called “ciocca”, which translates literally to “bouquet of flowers”.


Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

Venetian chandeliers are completely made by hand. Every glass ornament has to be masterly executed, as mounting the chandelier is asks for a precision that comes down to the millimeter.

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers


Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

The Murano glass is colorless in its basic composition. The colors are obtained by adding small amounts of minerals, oxides, and chemical derivatives to the base composition of the glass powder.




Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

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Babel Suspension

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers
Babel Chandelier

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From Luxxu Modern Design & Living you can find the trendiest and most modern styles of crystal chandeliers, especially those that offered a modern, yet comfortable and homey style more suited for a dining room.

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Murano Glass Venetian ChandeliersMurano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers>Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

Murano Glass Venetian Chandeliers

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