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Pool lights | Tips and tricks 2023

All people are dreaming about their own beautiful escaping place, and what can be better than a swimming pool? For those lucky once who actually have it or are planning on building one, we have prepared an informative article about the pool lighting and its best examples. Relax and get inspired!

pool lighting

Pool lighting ensures safety while swimming and creates an unusual play of light. It helps to transform the exterior of a country house or hotel. Swimming pool luminaires have to meet special requirements that allow them to be placed in rooms with high humidity, as well as underwater. One of the main criteria when choosing pool luminaires is moisture resistance.  An illuminated swimming pool is an outstanding eye-catcher. It provides extra ambiance to your garden. Prepare yourself for jealous looks from your neighbors, friends, and family members…

Examples of luxury pool lights

pool lighting
Generally, pool lamps are divided into three main groups:
  • for general lighting of the space;
  • for contour lighting;
  • underwater models.

Lighting devices for general lighting that are used in sports clubs and complexes are usually installed in the ceiling or walls, made in an industrial style, and emit diffused light.

pool lighting

Luminaires for contour lighting, as a rule, are used in order to emphasize and indicate the boundaries of the pool, however it is also used by hotels and SPA for decorating purposes.  To illuminate indoor pools, it is necessary to combine several types of lamps: underwater and wall or ceiling lamps. This is due to the fact that the rays that come from above practically do not pass through the water, which makes it hard to provide comfortable and safe conditions for swimming.

pool lighting

Underwater lights are massively used in outdoor pools. They are made from durable materials that are resistant to corrosion.

More inspiration with these pool lights

pool lighting

When buying swimming pool lights, RGB LED spots are worth considering. Even if you’re not a fan of colored lighting, RGB can add value. By giving the spots a light blue tint, the natural color of the water and the wall covering will be highlighted. Of course, you can always choose a less subtle color like green, yellow, red, or purple.

Without a doubt, you will find a suitable option for your pool illumination. But how many should you buy? Less is more with pool lighting because the water acts as a reflector. A few light sources can light up the entire pool. A good guideline is 1 lamp every 3 to 4 meters. Underwater lighting is usually only placed along the length of the pool at half the water level.

pool lighting
Lighting around the swimming pool

When we think of pool lighting, we first think of underwater lights in the wall surfaces of the pool. But most swimming pools are surrounded by plants, works of art or sun terraces. Lighting can be placed there as well.

Ground spots or garden poles are perfect to accentuate the contours of your swimming pool. If the swimming pool or terrace is higher than the surrounding area, you can use indirect lighting (via a waterproof LED strip) to accentuate this height difference.

Benefits of Pool and Spa Lighting

Pool lighting can help to create a backyard pool experience that truly satisfies your needs and fulfills your dreams. Here are some of the many benefits of pool lighting:

  • Creates sparkling effects on night-time water surfaces
  • Adds vibrant, mood-enhancing color
  • Extends pool use into the evening
  • Adds drama and mystery to the pool environment
  • Improves night-time visibility and safety
  • Enhances water effects like bubblers, fountains, waterfalls, and spas
  • Can spill over to light up the whole yard
  • Highlights and defines walls, decks, and architectural elements

pool lighting


It might be convenient to connect the pool lighting to the garden lighting (for example, via home automation). This makes controlling the lighting much easier. In addition, there are all kinds of extra features, such as pool lights that turn off automatically when the pool cover is activated.

pool lighting

Adding lighting to your pool can change the mood and feel of your pool, adding mystery and elegance to your backyard environment. It can extend the use of your pool so that you can take full advantage of summer nights – enjoy a swim and an active social life by the pool on beautiful evenings. The lighting you choose can increase safety by improving visibility and highlighting transitional areas, such as stairs and ramps. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor environment, even when it’s dark out when you add a suitable pool lighting.

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