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Rogan Gregory Illuminated Sculptures


Rogan Gregory Illuminated Sculptures => Rogan Gregory is a New York-based artist who started as a design consultant for luxury fashion brands. While pursuing his career in fashion, Rogan has also spent the past decade creating a body of sculptural work, painting, and furniture design. The artist’s approach combines a sculptural perspective with the street energy of New York.


Rogan Gregory

His work reveals a unique sensibility for design, architecture, and science. It’s noticeable that he channels his interest in natural forms, ecological systems, and evolutionary biology into his Modern Chandeliers.

Rogan Gregory

At his workhouse in Amagansett, New York, Gregory manipulates organic materials, from marble to beach sand, with forms that tend toward the biomorphic and the geological, as if they’ve been pulled out of the ground or washed up on the shore. A series of Lamps made of hard-carved alabaster called the “fertility form” is the most famous of his works.

Rogan Gregory

These works show Gregory’s interest in natural forms. As a result, ecological systems and their evolution into infinite organic combinations represent the starting point for the sculptural collection.

Rogan Gregory

The appearance of the sculptural lights, especially when illuminated, seems to evoke a more profound sense of being and a deeper connection to nature. Also, the color palette of the natural stones suggests quietness and introspectiveness.

Rogan Gregory

His work can be seen in his showroom and hanging over a famous celebrity’s house. A sculptural Rogan Gregory light hangs in the formal dining room/study of Hollywood Hit Maker Ryan Murphy.

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