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Seven Hills Apartment

Seven Hills Apartment: Discover A New Home By João Campinas

Seven Hills Apartment: Discover A New Home By João Campinas – In collaboration with interior designer João Campinas, LUXXU has created a breathtaking apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. Drawing inspiration from the country’s nature and landscapes, the design seamlessly combines contemporary and classic elements. The result is an exquisite space that radiates elegance and sophistication. The apartment is adorned with carefully selected decor pieces from LUXXU, PullCast, and Boca do Lobo, which celebrate Portugal’s rich cultural heritage and dynamic spirit. Step inside and explore the remarkable Seven Hills Apartment in this exclusive article by the Modern Chandeliers Blog.

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Seven Hills Apartment

Discover A New Home By João Campinas


The entryway of this apartment showcases Portuguese craftsmanship, combining wood and marble to create a sophisticated and timeless ambiance. The Algerone Console by LUXXU, adorned with synthetic leather and brass, complements the stunning Vertigo Mirror as the statement piece of the entryway. PullCast’s Spear Door Pull adds an imposing touch inspired by Celtic mythology.

A visually appealing staircase, illuminated by Magna Wall Lamps, connects the first and second floors, serving as both functional lighting and decorative elements.

Get the look:

Magna Wall Lamp


The kitchen in this marvelous apartment boasts a simple yet modern design. The cabinetry seamlessly extends the wood paneling from the walls and harmoniously blends with marble accents, creating an elegant contrast of materials. The prominent counter island features a sharp and raw design, softened by additional upholstery pieces and lighting fixtures that enhance the overall decor. Three Galea Swivel Bar Chairs by LUXXU create a luxurious and intimate breakfast nook, beautifully illuminated by the elegant Liberty Small Pendants crafted from the finest materials.

Get the look:

Liberty Small Pendant

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Dining Room

The modern dining room is illuminated by natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Adorned with elegant cream tones, it beckons guests to relax in the unmatched comfort of the Galea II Dining Chairs, inspired by ancient Rome, forging a strong link between contemporary design and historical heritage.

Emphasizing a nature-inspired aesthetic, the Algerone Rectangular Dining Table, crafted from Statuario Marble, stands out with its commanding presence and captivating design, reflecting LUXXU’s meticulous attention to detail. Completing the room, the Darian Sideboard showcases masterful artistry, while the Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo and the Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension add a touch of contemporary craftsmanship and enchanting illumination.

Get the look:

Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension and Waterfall II Big Wall Lamp

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Living Room

The living room of this stunning apartment, with its high ceilings, provided an excellent opportunity for exquisite decor. João Campinas skillfully used the magnificent Magna Chandelier as the focal point, inspiring the remaining decor. Enhancing symmetry, two elegant Draycott I Wall Lamps flank the Algerone Bookcase, adding extra illumination.

The Otto family’s curved designs introduce an organic touch, with the Otto Sofa and two Otto Swivel Armchairs showcasing timeless elegance through their stunning design and premium materials like velvet, leather, and brass. Completing the room’s marble aesthetic, the Algerone Set Center Table brings the beauty of nature indoors, providing a perfect surface for books or beverages.

Get the look:

Magna Chandelier and Draycott I Wall Lamp


The master bedroom in this apartment is a tranquil sanctuary with unique features and details that set it apart. Calming shades of beige and white are contrasted with elegant grey tones to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The custom Algerone Bed is a modern blend of contemporary and architectural design, becoming the centerpiece of the room.

Accompanied by the ottoman and two Algerone nightstands from the same collection, these furniture pieces exude robustness and grace. The lighting fixtures were carefully chosen, with four Magna Pendants and one Magna Wall Lamp continuing the theme of sophistication. Lastly, the meticulously crafted ceiling showcases unparalleled plasterwork, highlighting the dedication to craftsmanship and design in this extraordinary space.

Get the look:

Magna Pendant


Seven Hills Apartment: Discover A New Home By João Campinas

The bathroom exudes sophistication with its elegant use of marble, golden accents, and cream tones, creating a luxurious ambiance. LUXXU‘s Orbis Rectangular Mirror serves as a stunning statement piece, adding depth and dimension to the space. The small details are carefully curated, with PullCast’s Twist collection providing the perfect hardware pieces to complement the bathroom’s refined aesthetic.

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