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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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Suspension Light: Discover this World

 Suspension Light, a unique and stunning element to a home, without drawing attention away from the rest of the furniture and decor. There is no better statement lighting piece, they can brighten up a space or add a cozy ambiance that has been missing ever since you moved into your home.

Floor Samples




Carter Rectangular Suspension Lamp is the singular piece that your modern home decor was missing. Designed with the great discoveries of space in mind, Carter modern suspension lamp has all the unique fixture elements to be a memorable modern lighting design. Its unique shape is recognizable anywhere and it’s attention to detail is a one of a kind making this the perfect bespoke design.

The Best Suspension Light: Discover this World

Scofield by DelightFull

Scofield is an unusual Suspension Lamp with a modern aesthetic appeal. Each light and bracket rotate separately allowing different light focuses in one single space, making this fixture a super functional piece. The mid-century modern lamp has round lampshades in aluminum, that can support different activities and create a modern design in the room.

The Best Suspension Light: Discover this World

BABEL II by Luxxu

Babel II Suspension Lamp is the combination of lush crystals and high-quality gold plated brass, perfect fixture for bars, hotels or private dining rooms. Its shape allows the creation of exquisite lighting installations through the combination of multiple suspensions.

The Best Suspension Light: Discover this World

Marcus by DelightFull

 Marcus suspension lamp has a delicate aftermath for a well-lit home. A customizable piece, this modern lighting design fits in any modern style home decor, suited for the most exquisite rooms. A clean cut look with a timeless aesthetic, this modern suspension lamp is the suited one for a contemporary style decor as well as a modern lobby hotel design.

The Best Suspension Light: Discover this World

Gala II by Luxxu

Gala II Suspension Lamp in a modern take on this ancient design style. Blending soft yet timeless brass lines with elegant light, it is perfect for any luxurious hospitality or residential project as it creates a prestigious ambience wherever it is placed.

The Best Suspension Light: Discover this World

Blakey by DelightFull

Blakey is a hanging lamp, which mirrors the era and modern art. It has a symbiosis between a strong presence to highlight a space, and the simplicity of the shapes, and their proportions adjusted to the reality of our day. It is presented in its standard version with a matte black structure, with shades and the central sphere highlighted in gold, an option given to give greater elegance.


Mina by Essential Home

Mina Chandelier is one of a kind statement lighting piece for your design project. It incorporates a double light system: a central one for lighting the table and a strip led under each arm of the lamp for a more scenographic ect.

Abbey by DelightFull

Inspired by the enigmatic life of Abbey Lincoln, this majestic pendant light called Abbey will be the right lighting design choice for a dramatic dining room. A memorable piece that counts with golden finishes and black matte to give it a twist. This luxurious modern pendant lamp will be giving life and a statement to your modern home decor.

Calla by Brabbu

With origins in South Africa, the Calla Lily flower is one of the most graceful things Nature has conceived. Inspired by its delicacy, our design team created CALLA Suspension Light. With a graceful aged brass top in the shape of elegant leafs, the beauty of this suspension lamp is undeniable.

Vaughan by DelightFull

Aesthetically pleasing, the mid-century lighting design is the perfect choice for a modern dining room as well as a statement figure in a hospitality project. With intricate yet discreet details, this mid-century ceiling light will add a Hollywood glamour with its golden tones and contemporary aura. Vaughan mid-century design is the soothing and unexpected design piece into any project you see fit.

Nymph by Koket

Nymph Chandelier embraces the wild side of this rare and beautiful animal that so gracefully bejewels the lighting fixture. Delicate metal butterflies hover in the air in perfect harmony composing an overblown dramatic silhouette, which gives shape to a luxurious chandelier.

Atomic Round by DelightFull

Atomic Round Suspension Lamp was inspired by the molecular composition of the atom as a nod to the atomic age and race to space mid-century era. DelightFULL’s designers created a round set of spotlights all arranged to look like the non-conventional molecular forms. This unique black chandelier is all handmade in brass and steel, with a gold-plated finish on the body and lacquered a glossy black on the round shades.

Serpentine by Koket

Girded with curving serpent forms, evocative of Medusa’s multifaceted image of intoxication, petrification, and luring attractiveness, the Serpentine Chandelier is sure to seduce all who lay eyes upon her.

See more about this Collection.

Gia II by Koket

Imagine a bouquet of gentle lily blossoms gracing your ceiling, eternalized in gleaming metallic. The Gia II Chandelier consists of a hand sculpted metal calla lilies freely suspended from a group of strings.

Discover more about Koket here and choose The Best Suspension Light

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


Sputnike by Visionnaire

Sputnike is a Chandelier composed by 16 elements in tubular steel containing 16 or 24 LED lights and cold cured rhombus-shaped lampshades with polish finish. Metal parts available in any finish included in the metal finish selection.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

Rock by Visionnaire

Rock is a Chandelier available with 3, 6 or  9 lights. LED lights inside steel bars which sustain the Onyx light diffusers with irregular shapes. Lighting bodies suspended by means of steel cables with adjustable height. Ceiling cup contains driver and wiring with steel cover. Metal parts available in any finish included in the metal finish selection.

Astra by Paollo Castelli

Astra is a lamp with a rigorous shape and light appearance, it consists of a central core made of discarded eco-friendly ash, available in three versions: with an acetic, bleached or walnut-stained open-pore finish. This process deliberately leaves the pores of the wood open, allowing it to retain its natural appearance.

Joy by Paollo Castelli

Joy composition was born of the idea of giving form to light. The play of circular masses and trajectories generates a balanced design of gravitational dynamics.
The light from the sphere is diffused into the surrounding space, illuminating the frame. The reflections of the brass render the luminous field visible by its aura.


Lu 1 gold by Lu Murano

Lu 1 gold, the art of the glass chandelier, drawn in the canons of the most sophisticated elegance and made with techniques consumed in century-old furnaces.


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