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The Most Iconic Chandeliers

The Most Iconic Chandeliers – Throughout history, chandeliers have been associated with luxury and are a symbol of wealth. The first chandeliers date from the middle ages and were simple candle holders, but since then they have evolved into the beautiful lighting fixtures we admire now. Modern Chandeliers put together a list of The Most Iconic Chandeliers in the world, join us while we throwback in time and analise these amazing art pieces. 

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Most Iconic Chandeliers

St Peter and Paul Cathedral – St Petersburg

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Built between 1712 and 1733 and designed by Swiss architect Domenico Trezzini, St Peter and Paul Cathedral is strongly linked to the history of St. Petersburg and to the Romanov dynasty. Besides being the home to the graves of mostly all rulers of Russia since Peter the Great, it also harbors these exquisite and colourful chandeliers of baroque inspiration.

Dolmabahçe Palace – Istanbul

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

The Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul is the house of the world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier, a lighting fixture with 750 lamps and 4.5 tonnes of weight. Until 2006 it was assumed that the chandelier had been a gift from Queen Victoria, however discoveries proved that the fixture had been fully paid by the Sultan.

The Hall of Mirrors – Palace of Versailles

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: Château Versailles

The most famous room in the Palace of Versailles was designed by  Jules Hardouin-Mansart and it pays tribute to the political, economic and artistic success of France. The ceiling, besides portraying innumerable political successes through 30 illustrations, is also decorated with the most astonishing chandeliers in the world – 17 large chandeliers and 26 smaller ones.


Editor’s Choice

Gala Chandelier

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Opéra Garnier – Paris

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: Palais Garnier

Surrounded by mystery and popularized by The Phantom Of The Opera, the seven-ton bronze and crystal chandelier designed by Charles Garnier is, for sure, one of the most famous chandeliers in the world and also one of the priciest, costing 30,000 gold francs at the time. Its creation was met with controversy, with patrons claiming it would obstruct the view of the stage. Today this iconic chandelier has proven to be the perfect fixture for such an opulent room.

Grand Staircase – Titanic

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

There is no better word to describe the RMS Titanic than “iconic”. Mostly famous for the tragic accident that inspired the James Cameron movie, the Ship Of Dreams is also known for the beautiful decoration of the 1st class areas, specially the grand staircase. It was there that one of the most emblematic chandeliers could be found, decorating the equally beautiful dome.

Editor’s Choice

East Room – White House

The Most Iconic Chandeliers
Courtesy of: White House Historical Association

The largest room in the Executive Mansion, the East Room has accommodated weddings, funerals, State Dinners, and much more. Decorated with paintings and tapestries, the final touch comes in the form of the crystal chandeliers, a symbol of opulence that fits perfectly with the purpose of the room.

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