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Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Top 25 Interior Designers From France – Discover the french interior designers that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados within every style décor. Based in France, these designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings. Today, Modern Chandeliers unveils the most impressive selection of designers that exists today!

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ADN Paris

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Since 2001, Studio ADN has been pursuing a constant search for balance between the creation of interior architecture concepts revealing the identity codes of brands, houses, private homes, exceptional places, and the introduction of exclusive furniture.

Agence Benny Benlolo

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Benny Benlolo it’s the founder and interior architect of Benlolo Architectes. Based in his hometown of Paris, he meets with clients at his practice in the 8th arrondissement.

Agence Christophe Pillet

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

In the Christophe Pillet work, the elegance is optimized. Pillet’s perfect command of sensuality and refinement has made him one of the rare French designers who have gained global recognition designing hotels, boutiques and directing artistic projects in the USA, Great Britain, and Japan.

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Agence Nuel

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

The Jean-Philippe Nuel practice, a team of some 30 professionals, also applies its expertise to projects for private houses, concept stores, company headquarters, and even cruise ships.
Alongside its interior design projects, the practice also works on architectural projects and collaborates with large design companies on the development of design products.

Agence PH2B

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

The interior design agency PH2B was created about twenty years ago by Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt. Its main goal is to give reality to various projects with a different vision of the layout and decoration of spaces.

Agence Terrones

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

The Terrones Agency was founded in 2005 and joined forces to develop a polymorphous and innovative agency. Terrones AGT-AIA, based on an integrated and inclusive approach to skills, is now an expert in a variety of fields.

Agence Néronique Cotrel

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Véronique Cotrel is an interior designer in Paris and can assist you in all stages of an architectural project, from conception to completion. Pre-project studies, details, choice of materials, consultation of companies, and follow-up of the work.

Alberto Pinto

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Alberto Pinto Interior Design, under the direction of Linda Pinto, with a team of different experts employed, strictly maintains the success achieved since the beginning. Eclecticism, luxurious details, and refinement are the keywords when it comes to creating personalized environments for prestigious and world-renowned clients.

Alex Schoenert Architects

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Axel Schoenert is recognized and rewarded for his expertise in hotels, office space with iconic performances and design, and also his coworking projects.

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Alexandrine Veneri

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Alexandrine Veneri transforms simple rooms into prestigious apartments, through all types of commercial spaces, like restaurants, hotels, offices.

Ana Moussinet

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Ana Moussinet’s creations are a red thread where art and technique join together in harmony. A stylistic vocabulary that intertwines French elegance, contemporary design, and Slavic way of living where Ana Moussinet draws her inspiration to draw the line of each interior as a unique piece.

Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Paris-based interior designer Anne-Sophie Pailleret is known for creating spaces that feel elegant and precious but never overdone. The firm’s projects range from private homes to public commissions.

Ateliers Gohard

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

For more than 60 years, Ateliers Gohard has been passionately creating exceptional finishes based on gold leaf and contemporary materials. Ateliers Gohard, a living heritage company, works within the luxury and high luxury decoration, for major designers, prestigious hotels and historical monuments.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Jean Nouvel studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux. The recognition of his work has resulted in numerous awards in France and abroad. In France, he has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of the French Academy of Architecture, two Équerres d’Argent and the French Nation.

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Bismut & Bismut

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Founded by Daniel and Michel Bismut, French architects and interior designers. They conceive personal and unique designs for residential projects and commercial projects, including high-end Apartments, Embassies, Hotels, and Concept Stores worldwide.

Borella Art Design

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Established in 1981, Christine Borella-Snozzi Interior Designer and Nicola Borella Set & Interior Designer, have distinguished themselves in designing, creating, and renovating four and five-star luxury hotels, as well as carrying out prestigious projects for companies, the residential sector as well as Interior Yacht design.

Bruno Borrione

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Bruno Borrione was a diplôme in d’architecte d’intérieur / Interior design degree. Founded in 1993 the Bruno Borrione Office.

Carbondale Architecture

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

CARBONDALE is an award-winning international office based in Paris, France. It was founded by American architect Eric Carlson. The design philosophy is based on the search for the “exceptional”. Commitment to “exceptional” makes the provision of exceptional services a vital part of CARBONDALE’s intense collaboration with its employees and customers.

Caroline Keslassy

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Caroline Keslassy is a French interior designer and architect. She is known for her informal yet bold aesthetic remaining contemporary, different and endless. Her specialty is creating mesmerizing designs in residential, boutique, and office projects. Her biggest source of inspiration is her hometown, Paris.

Carré Lumière Sarl

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Carré Lumière Sarl is a shop specializing in the sale of lighting, furniture and decoration in Annemasse and Thonon-les-Bains.

Chahan Interior Design

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Chahan Minassian founded in 1993 the Chahan Interior Design. Multiple projects in North America, Europe, and the Far East, from commercial spaces for luxury brands to private residences.

Chahan Minassian

Top 25 Interior Designers From France

As an Interior Designer, Chahan Minassian’s first concern is space. He will often redesign the interior spaces in a project to improve their circulation or to create the desired atmosphere.


Top 25 Interior Designers From France

CHZON, a global design agency specializing in hospitality design was founded by Dorothee Meilichzon. They have worked on over 50 projects.


Top 25 Interior Designers From France

Founded by Arolld El-Baze, with projects from commercial, hospitality, residential, and retail. Their projects style it’s a contemporary and modern classic.


Top 25 Interior Designers From France

DesignByCN was founded by Caroline Nahmany. An interior design, decoration, architecture, renovation of apartments, Maisons, and hotels.

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