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Vintage Style Lamps

The word vintage comes from the French wine lexicon and means well-aged wine. Things of a certain era belong to this style, which includes the 19th – 20th centuries. The typical vintage style element is an antique look of the interior. Real antiques can be replaced with artificial aging – this will also be a spectacular solution. Vintage style gives a feeling of comfort and peace, exactly what you need after an active working day. The necessary mood is supported by soft, diffused lighting.

Vintage Lamps

Vintage style lamps should not give too much light output. It is allowed to use several lamps located at different levels and planes. Colored fabric lampshades decorated with fringes, pendants, ruffles work wonderfully. The fabric for them can be of different colors, but they should not be too bright. The base should be made with metal or with its imitation, in the colors of bronze, gold, blackened silver, or copper.

Vintage Lamps

A room furnished in a vintage style has a certain mood, and its objects give the impression that they could take a place in the showcase of a museum of modern history. Furniture in a vintage interior should be antique or antique stylized. The presence of patina, scuffs, irregularities in the finishes and small cracks in the coating is allowed and even encouraged. In this artificially aged furnishings, vintage outperforms authentic antiques, because they are actually new and have a greater margin of safety.

Small decorative elements in vintage style

Small decorative elements in vintage style support the desired mood of the interior. These can be mobile lamps, table lamps, porcelain and earthenware figurines, clocks, candlesticks, and boxes. Lamps made in the form of dolls’ models of the last century look original – they personify the spirit of vintage style. It is enough to whitewash the ceiling, decorate it with graceful baguettes, and put the parquet board on the floor.

lamps in the style of floristry or Provence

The vintage style is characterized by decorations in the form of dried wildflowers and greenhouse flowers. Thus, lamps in the style of floristry or Provence, made in pastel colors, are very organically integrated into the interior. A modern approach to interior design allows you to mix elements of styles of different orientations, achieving individuality and feigned negligence. Therefore, it is permissible to install vintage items next to modern ones, the main thing is to do it with taste.


vintage lamps luxxu

The desired effect can be achieved by applying the principle of symmetry. The use of paired sconces, ceiling, and floor lamps will add completeness and chic to the room. Find items that match the spirit can be found inexpensively at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, or at your grandmother’s attic.

vintage style
Vintage style lamps in the interior of rooms

Living room

A pendant chandelier on a heavy chain, with the addition of glass or fabric vintage shades, needs to be supported by an appropriate sconce, a table lamp with large shade, a floor lamp – vintage or similar in style. Interior designers are advised to take a closer look at the backlights for paintings. They can be used not only for their intended purpose but also as a full-fledged backlight. They will help to zone the space and give the room a distinctive vintage intimacy.


A room for relaxation. Space here should not be overloaded with decorative items, and the light is required to be calm, non-aggressive. Fabric lampshades with the addition of lace, frills, and ruffles look complimentary here. A vintage mobile lamp with a shade diffusing the light flux is placed on the bedside table, for ease of reading before bedtime. Alternatives are sconces and floor lamps, made in soft pastel colors.


Vintage assumes light colors that visually expand the interior of a small room and add air to it. A kitchen furnished in this style involves a large number of accessories: potholders, crockery, cutlery, and others. They do not have to be combined with each other, on the contrary, some inconsistencies will support a sense of the historical correspondence of vintage design. Different lighting devices can be used, the main thing is compliance with the color scheme and ease of maintenance. It is worth taking a closer look at the fan chandelier – it meets all the requirements.


Country-style hangers, which themselves have a vintage style touch, mirrors in a shabby metal or wooden frame, and a shoe cabinet from the last century work perfectly suits the vintage-styled hallway. Pendant wall and ceiling luminaires with patinated base and matt shade will b a good choice.

Hallway vintage
Vintage style chandeliers – features

Vintage style chandeliers have characteristic features that make them easily recognizable: 

  • The color scheme of the interior in a vintage style is pastel, unobtrusive shades. Muted, dusty shades of blue, beige, gray, pink and their combinations prevail. A matte metal finish is suitable for the frame, with a deliberately imperfect finish – with bumps, irregularities, scratches, and chips;
  • it is recommended to choose incandescent bulbs as a light source for the vintage style. They have excellent color rendering, close to sunlight, warm glow, pleasing to human eyes. This will complement the vintage ambiance and create the right impression. From modern analogs, it is worth considering filament lamps – they were originally developed for classic interiors and have the desired shade of glow;
  • The shape of the vintage lighting fixture is offered in two different directions. It can be a complex design that combines different materials of manufacture, decorative elements, and tiers, or a simple, strict classic-type lamp.
  • Manufacturing materials are mostly natural. This is due to the influence of the era from which vintage draws inspiration, when polymer compounds had not yet come into use, and glass, wood, and metal were the only options. In a modern version, plastic stylization is possible.

Nowadays vintage style is still popular and in demand for decor and furniture design, clothing, and jewelry manufacturing. Vintage lamps are one of the most popular on the market. LUXXU has a wide range of products in this style. They can be selected and bought on our website. If you enjoyed our article about Vintage Style Lamps, do not forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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