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Wood | Materials For Lamp

Just a couple of centuries ago, the lion’s share of the interior was made out of wood. Today, this eco-friendly and beautiful material is once again at the peak of popularity: wood is used for interior and exterior decoration of the house. Lighting fixtures with elements of wood add uniqueness and originality to the interior. Designers offer wooden sconces, floor, table, and ceiling lamps of a wide variety of configurations.

Universal material

Wooden lamps

Wood is a healthy material. Even after the necessary production, the tree remains as natural as possible and does not cause such harm to the body as low-quality plastics and synthetics. This characteristic is especially relevant for lighting devices: temperature changes, mechanical stress can provoke the release of toxic substances.

Wooden lamps

The wood has a pleasant texture; natural pattern created by a unique ornament on a saw cut of wood is especially appreciated. Often, wooden lighting lamps complement decorative elements made of ceramics, colored glass, wrought iron elements.

Wooden lamps

In wooden fixtures, LED lamps are often used. They heat up much less, do not require frequent replacement. The use of LEDs significantly saves energy, which emphasizes the environmental focus as well as possible.

Style for a wooden lamp

Wooden lamps

Wooden lamps can organically fit into almost any interior style. But such lamps are especially appropriate in an environment that implies a certain lightness, ease, laconicism. Wood is used in a variety of styles from country to eco-style; even minimalism and hi-tech, especially if the simplicity of the material is emphasized by the unusual, strict form of the lamp.

Wooden lamps

Wooden lamps combine perfectly with textile, ceramic and stone elements of the interior. The color scheme that emphasizes your eco-friendly lighting fixture is pastel, white.

Wooden lamps

Styles, where wooden fixtures are used, unites attention to details and their significance. The unobtrusive ceiling lamp will amaze the imagination with the chic texture of perfectly crafted wood. Wooden sconces will transform the room at the flick of a switch. And if the size of the home and the desire allow you to experiment, then your living room will sparkle with new faces with an antique wooden chandelier under the ceiling.


How to choose a wooden lamp for the interior?

Wooden lamps
Wooden Lights Wood Lamp Chandelier Nordic decor Pendant Lights

Wood as a material for a lamp requires a familiar environment, that is, spaciousness, high ceilings, wooden furniture, etc. However, a small room can be supplemented with wooden elements.

Wooden lamps

Often there are wooden chandeliers that have the necessary style, conciseness, but at the same time, they are quite large in size. Always consider the size of the interior when choosing lighting equipment.

Wooden lamps
If the height of the ceilings allows, install several wooden false beams. Such a design decision will perfectly echo with floor lamps and table lamps made of metal or glass.

Wooden lamps

Due to the abundance of moisture in the bathroom, wooden lamps there will not last long. Special water-repellent impregnation solves this problem, but not all lamps are treated in this way. In order not to violate the general safety of the home, you need to use lighting devices with the necessary degree of protection.

Wooden lamps

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