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1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms

1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms -> It gets kind of hard imagining the same lighting fixture working in four totally different rooms but the truth is: it can work! So, today, we are going to show exactly that! Get ready to see 1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms and obviously.. fall in love!

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Coltrain Suspension

1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different RoomsFirst of all, the lighting fixture we are going to be talking about is the Coltrane Suspension, a beautiful and elegant pendant lamp and guess what? Of course it’s a best seller and by the end of this article you’ll see the hundred reasons why! This beautiful piece has a minimalist and industrial vibe and it’s 100% handmade in steel and with a gold powder finish. If you love a minimalist or contemporary look, this is the right choice for you. Now, let’s get into it and see this piece of art working in four totally different places.. ready?


1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms


Let’s start with a dining room! In order to create the perfect design, we don’t need too much work, we just need to make things work. In the ambience above, you have the perfect example of a simple but luxurious dining room in black and dark wood tones and a giant detail that make all things connect: Our Coltrane Suspension, a piece that gives this dining room a minimalist perfect look!


1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms


Living rooms, are places that demand to be super cozy because it’s were we just wanna layback and relax after work, agreed? We are obsessed with this living room design, all the colors and patterns give this place a luxurious yet and off course and as we said it before, Coltrane Suspension works every time and this patterned and colorful living room isn’t a exception. As you can see, this beautiful pendant lamp will work if you have a minimalist space or a super patterned and colorful place, want are you waiting for to add Coltrane Suspension and give a twist to your decor?


1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms


Sometimes less is more and this kitchen is proof of that. A white minimalist kitchen with big window to the city and off course, our Coltrane Suspension to amaze everyone with its mesmerizing lighting effect.


1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms


Last but not least, who could think that the fourth ambiance would be a reception? As I told you before, we can literally make Coltrane Suspension work everywhere because of its simplicity and versatility. Once more, we have a reception full of different texture like the dark wood behind the balcony, the gold tubes in the balcony and still, this pendant lamp is enhancing the ambience without looking overloaded!

If you enjoyed this article about 1 Lighting Fixture in 4 Different Rooms, you can also find more interior design inspirations in our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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