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25 Top Interior Designers in Zurich Part II 2023

25 Top Interior Designers in Zurich Part II Stefanie Sarp

25 Top Interior Designers in Zurich Part II 2023⇒ Switzerland is known for being one of the world’s design capitals mainly thanks to its classic Swiss watches, the Swiss Style in graphic design, and Le Corbusier. Therefore it’s no wonder this country has some of the best Swiss interior designers and some of the best ones can be found in Zurich. Discover the 25 Top Interior Designers in Zurich Part II List by My Design Agenda. Here you have part one if you want to check: 25 Top Interior Designers in Zurich.



  1. Stefanie Sarp Interiors

Born in northern Germany, Stefanie Sarp Interiors developed from an early age a deep fascination and curiosity for learning about the world at large. During the years she lived in New York, she discovered, in that more vibrant environment, her talent and enthusiasm for interior design and decoration. She was able to develop this further when she returned to Europe when she opened her store “Les Tissus Colbert” in Zurich.

For more than fifteen years in the world of interior design, for Stefanie “the most important aspect of any assignment is to appreciate fully your needs and craft tailor-made ideas and solutions. My goal at all times is to create a wonderful ambiance, always in harmony with your taste and budget.”


2. E2A Architekten

Founded by Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert, E2A Architekten has the mission to “continuous search for the ideal and, at the same time, a trail, an inventory of reality. Our quest seeks a form that expresses these conditions and resolves the contradictions of ambition, program, and site. Desire and reality form an increasingly conflicted relationship. Thus, we pursue strategies that do not adhere to a single vision of cohesion but rather integrate discrepancies and extremes with organizational logic and clarity.”

3. Evolution Design

Evolution Design develops projects from research to post-occupancy. Fundamental to Evolution Design’s very diverse work is the fusion of emotional design ingenuity with Swiss quality.




4. Jorge Canete – Interior Design Philosophy

“The ultra-personalized approach of the studio INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY suggests creating projects that are inspired by the environment, by the location itself, as well as the client’s personality. In doing so, the resultant of the equation of these three sources of inspiration is unique and coherent every time, by materializing clients’ emotions. Each project starts as a white page where the story and values of the client will be written.”

5. Gala Design AG

Gala Design AG creates successful retail identities, with high standards of design and aesthetics, develops rooms that appeal to all the senses. They do the whole process of strategy, development, and project management.

6. ArchStudio Architekten AG

ArchStudio, founded in Zurich in 1989, offers services in the fields of architecture, interior design, store fitting, and corporate design. Advising on construction projects, planning and execution of new and renovation projects, the entire field of interior design and shopfitting are among our core competencies.

In recent years, we have been able to handle small to large orders for public and private clients, both through direct orders and competitive successes. This includes new building and private home interior design, conversions and renovations of existing properties, interior layouts, office planning, and hotel design, throughout Europe, from idea to documentation.

7. Moritz Schmid

After completing his initial professional training as an architectural draughtsman, Moritz Schmid (born in 1976) studied product design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel. On graduating, he worked for four years as a designer in the studio of Alfredo Häberli before founding his own studio in Zurich in 2008. Today, his studio is based in Bern. Moritz Schmid is active in various design fields, from furniture and product design to exhibition design.


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8. Peter Kohler Innenarchitektur

“We are not interested in realizing short-lived aesthetic ideas. The purpose of our buildings is in the foreground. We create functional spaces. Those that meet the user’s needs and intended use for as long as possible. To this end, we place great importance on holistic and intelligent planning and execution.
The functionality of the rooms must not detract from the aesthetics. It should provide optimal support for function. Every building, representative or functional, must have a certain charisma. Form and function must go hand in hand. Holistic, conceptual, and aesthetic thinking is our strength.”

9. Emmanuelle Home Interiors

“I’ve been passionate about décor for as long as I can remember. I love to bring a room or house together by enhancing existing décor or creating something totally new. Just as much, I like inspiring people to do this for themselves. Talking about ideas, possibilities for a room or a piece of furniture gives me great joy. The cherry on top is when I get the call back from a client a little while after a coaching session, talking about how they went ahead with one or many of the ideas we talked about, how much they love it, and how much they love having done it themselves. I love decorating in all its forms and I can’t wait to learn what is right for you and help you to create the home interior that reflects your vision; any style, any scope, and any budget!”

10. Atelier K architectes

The firm, Atelier K architects, consists of five partners, Alain Meylan (founder), Joël Meylan, Patrick Mascarel, Eric Ravaux, and Fred Pfefferle, as well as some twenty employees from various backgrounds, architects, urban planners, interior designers, and furniture designers. Based in Geneva, the workshop specializes in high-end villas, townhouses, and apartment buildings; the projects also focus on the construction of offices, stores, restaurants, and hotels. In addition, they have acquired solid experience in the medical field over many years.

11. H2Light S.A.

Passionate about all techniques related to the world of lighting, H2Light S.A. is a privileged interlocutor for all achievements, however original and ambitious they may be.H2light SA is present throughout Switzerland, realizing projects of all sizes. They collaborate with lighting leaders, qualified, reliable partners at the forefront of the latest technologies, and renowned architects and engineers. They offer innovative solutions to make every project a reality.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


12. Plus Design

Plus Design is a company dedicated to the design and development of quality architectural solutions for public and private spaces. The company, based in Switzerland in the area of Gstaad, operates internationally, offering consulting services from planning to the turnkey construction of hotels, shops, showrooms, conference rooms, offices, residences, and wellness centers. The support and consultancy of leading companies specialized in the field of architecture, furnishings, and design, enable our professionals to deal with the challenges posed by the complex needs of contemporary spaces with a multi-disciplinary and coordinated approach.

13. Viquerat Décoration & Architecture d’Intérieur

Viquerat Décoration & Architecture d’Intérieur designs and manages the transformation of your spaces. Living rooms, libraries, kitchens, bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms will be redesigned according to the clients’ tastes and needs. Through rigorous planning and constant monitoring of the work, they guarantee control over costs and deadlines. The choice of the best craftsmen gives you an impeccable finish down to the smallest detail.

14. Agata Interiors

“My work is about enhancing the beauty and the spirit of living space as well as reflecting the soul and the values of my client, to create an esthetic and stylish environment within which one feels great to live. I see my job as delivering on this promise. Understanding human behavior and aspirations are what I did all along with my previous career in human resources. The journey took me throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the Middle East. This experience, combined with a strong vision of space and color, is my key to unlock the potential of any interior.”

15. Marie Louise Djogren Design

Marie-Louise Sjögren Design offers a full range of interior design and styling services to turn environments warm, inspiring, elegant, and interesting. Maximizing a budget with a professional, yet creative take on mixing antiques and vintage pieces with modern design to set the mood for great moments, meetings, and memories. Expect a full presentation with mood boards, furniture- textile- and lightning suggestions along with a budget to get a clear idea of the process as well as the result.

16. Rougemont Interiors GmbH

“Cosiness with a modern, international twist. That’s the philosophy at Rougemont Interiors. Our ethos has always been to deliver the most exclusive and tailor-made interiors to create homes for our clients that are long-lasting and beyond inspirational. Creating stylish designs for a luxurious living with high-end quality products, that’s what we’re striving for.”


Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


17. ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners Ltd

Whilst ADELI is a consummate cosmopolitan, with global tastes and experience his creative work and business ethic retain a distinctive SWISS character – embodying the nation’s idiosyncratic traits of reliability, excellence, attention to detail, and rigor Established in 1999 in Lausanne – Switzerland, ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD provide their clients with a CREATIVE APPROACH to developing Exclusive interior architecture projects. Their design develops a VISUAL IDENTITY adapted perfectly to the culture and practices of their clients.

18. MD Creative Lab

Founded by Maria Duborkina, born in Russia, MD Creative Lab is a Swiss-based studio in Lugano – with a global outlook – of Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers, and Planners specialized in a wide range of residential and commercial projects. The company is built in a belief that great design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

19. Abitahub

Abitahub is an Interior Design studio based in Lugano, inaugurated in 2019, as an evolution of a path born in 1965 in Italy and subsequently evolved in Switzerland. “Strengthened by a long tradition in Interior Design, first in Italy and since 2001 in Switzerland, we combine the tradition of high quality “made in Italy” with Swiss precision in harmony with the continuous search for innovative solutions and with continuous social and economics that has been the key to spreading on the international market.”

20. A++

A++ is the internationally recognized brand through which ARCH GROUP communicates its work. The group is a multi-disciplinary organization made of companies creates to target all aspects that affect the space in HUMAN: from product design to communication, from architecture to interiors, from development to procurement.

“We work in more than 10 countries around the world in different types of projects. Our strength and growth as a global firm provide one further important benefit.”

21. Dôme Interior Design

Founded by Cecile Demole, Dôme Interior Design offers a service from Brief to project management. They have a showroom located in Mies, at the gateway to Geneva, that presents the different rooms of a house, creating an atmosphere that is both warm and in keeping with the times. The mood in the 200-square-meter space entirely devoted to interior architecture and design changes with the seasons.

22. Adrien Rovero Studio

Born in 1981, Adrien Rovero holds a Master’s in Industrial Design from the ECAL/University of art and design in Lausanne Switzerland. Active in the realms of furniture, lighting, and exhibition design, he opened his studio in Renens in 2006. He thinks up and designs objects for such high-end brand stores as Hermes (France), Pfister (Switzerland), Droog Design (Holland), Campeggi (Italy), Nanoo (Switzerland), Tectona (France), and the Cristallerie Saint-Louis (France). His pieces are on display in a number of renowned galleries, including the Galerie Kreo (Paris), Libby Sellers (London), and the Galerie Ormond (Geneva).


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23. Wyttenbach Interior Design

“Our team has long-standing specialists who specialize in various areas of planning, designing and decorating living spaces and enjoy working together. Whether interior decorator or home textile designer, we enjoy the professional challenge and the contact with our customers. The former Kornhaus in Thun is a place of inspiration and craft tradition for us, where we cultivate our passion – beautiful living – together.”

24. Caduff & Stocker Lichtplanung

Caduff & Stocker Lichtplanung is a young, innovative, and competent planning team. They are characterized by clear goals and open communication. The team draws its ideas from years of practical experience, combined with the know-how of the latest innovations in lighting technology. With planners and technicians, they have the complete lighting design repertoire.

The company was founded in 2001 by René Caduff under the name Caduff Lichtplanung. After 14 years of successful lighting planning, the business partnership with long-time management member Christian Stocker took place in 2015. Caduff Lichtplanung became Caduff & Stocker Lichtplanung GmbH.

25. Fries & Zumbuehl

“During our studies at the ZHdK we had to do teamwork and thus very quickly became aware of our complementary qualities. The result of this product was our first joint serial product.
In spite of our successful teamwork during our studies, we both first went our own way and we used to meet again for selected project jobs Out of this loose teamwork with separate places of work grew a steadily closer co-operation which made it inevitable to work in the same place. The different way of thinking and working of both Kevin Fries and Jakob Zumbühl has been the key to our successes so far. The background of our first training and the manifold interests besides the world of the design complement each other perfectly in our way of working. Since 2007 fries&zumbühl has had its home in an old industrial building which offers enough room for new ideas and experimental work.”


If you enjoyed this article about 25 TOP INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN ZURICH PART II, you can also find more interior design inspirations on our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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