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5 Luxurious Swimming Pool Chandeliers

5 Luxurious Swimming Pool Chandeliers => Cold, wind, rain. Winter months aren’t the best for swimming, but with indoor pools they are! An indoor pool is like a playground for design, the water gives to natural or artificial light a different intensity and reflexion. These swimming pool chandeliers are a core element in the conception of an indoor pool and they can take many shapes and designs. The 5 luxurious we found will make you swim in happiness!




Swimming Pool Chandeliers

Park Hyatt New York is one of the best hotels in NYC and is reputed for its breathtaking indoor swimming pools. The chandelier gives to the swimming pool the best modern touch.


Swimming Pool Chandeliers

The Viceroy indoor pool reflects a magic Miami, combining the stunning view and the yellow cristal chandelier right over the pool. It has loads of designer cachet with the spa interiors been designed by the known Philippe Starck.


swimming pool chandeliers

This indoor pool with a Neo-Classical unique style is located in Houston. The three swimming pool chandeliers give luxury and light to the spa perfect to rest and relax around this stunning swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Chandeliers

La Sultana is a premier hotel in Marrakesh and has some of the most stunning Moroccan design details. The typical Moroccan swimming pool chandeliers hang on the ceilings above give a unique exotic style to the indoor pool.

The unique style of this indoor pool is given by this stunning chandelier design by Dale Chihuly. The reflexion of the light in the water and the windows makes it seem as if we are under the water.


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