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5 Most Masculine Lamps From Famous Designers

In esotericism, there is such a thing as male and female energies. They are emitted by both people and objects of art or simply things in which a lot of time and effort has been invested. We do not know how close it is to the truth, but something like that exists for sure. Some fixtures at first glance look at them cause associations with courageous, brutal men, others with beautiful and sophisticated women. Today we prepared a selection of the most “masculine”, in our opinion, lighting fixtures from famous designers.

Vibia Structural lamp by Arik Levy
Vibia Structural lamp by Arik Levy
Absolutely all models from the Structural collection, created by designer Arik Levy, have an extremely concise design. This lamp is no exception. Just a gray rectangle, creating a stream of dim cool light, is somewhat reminiscent of an expensive business suit. Perfection without unnecessary details. This lamp is easily integrated into any interior, complementing, and enhancing the aesthetic masculine effect.
Vibia Structural lamp by Arik Levy
Colt Pendant by Bert Frank


The pendant lamp from the Colt collection is another example of stylish conciseness in lighting design. Flawless tandem of opal glass and brass without a single extra detail. This model exudes restrained elegance, like a suit from Brioni, Rolex watches, and other purely masculine attributes of a premium class. Even the name of the collection refers to a dangerous male “toy” – the Colt revolver.


TRUMP Suspension by LUXXU

Designed to be one of Trump’s successor’s lineage, the characteristic masculine lines of this piece and its sublime tears of crystal glass makes it unique. With an extreme elegance and a luxurious presence, the perfect lighting for the perfect living room

Lamp Atlas by Catellani Smith 

Светильник-атлант Catellani Smith Uomo Della Luce

Here, unlike the previous model, there is no room for divergence. The stand of this lamp, created by one of the “fathers” of the brand Enzo Catellani depicts a masculine figure of an athletic physique. The lamp is made of aluminum threads of different thicknesses, woven in an intricate pattern. Here immediately there are associations with the ancient Greek titan Atlant, which holds the globe on its shoulders. True, the Atlas from Catellani is dressed in quite modern clothes, and judging by the pose, the burden does not bother him at all, on the contrary, he proudly holds it in his hands. This is the vision of the designer, and we like it.


Flos Ray S – Drum by Flos
Flos Ray S - Drum by Flos 
Between abstract and material, Flo’s designers choose the second. Most of the models from the collections of this brand outlines resemble concrete things familiar to all of us. So, in this pendant lamp, created by Rodolfo Dordoni, you can immediately see the drum. The shade of “black gloss” goes very well with this model, as every man goes with a solid, well-tailored shirt or an expensive watch. A blown opal glass diffuser provides uniform light diffusion over a large area. This lamp is a vivid masculine example of the industrial style in lighting design, the popularity of which has recently grown significantly.

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