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10 Sophisticated Bathrooms With Ricky Wong

10 Sophisticated Bathrooms With Ricky WongRicky Wong Designers’ founder was born into a well-known Hong Kong furniture industry family. He was acquainted with furniture art and interior décor as a kid, having been deeply influenced by his family’s company. At the time, he had already determined to devote himself to being a great designer, and he is today regarded as one of the world’s best designers.

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10 Modern Bathrooms

Admire These Modern Bathrooms By Ricky Wong

7 Sophisticated Bathrooms with these marble bege stone
Image courtesy of: Ricky Wong

The bathroom is an often overlooked part of the house when it comes to the interior décor, Ricky Wong does not follow this trend and applies a modern touch to this exclusive place.

7 Sophisticated Bathrooms With Ricky Wong, with this environment in bege
Image courtesy of: Ricky Wong

One of the 7 modern bathrooms, the ideal bathroom design has to be gifted with a long bathtub for immersive and relaxing baths and the aesthetics that were applied to this bathroom design combined with the subtle lighting provide a sense of privacy that can’t be denied.

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If You Enjoyed These 10 Modern Bathrooms Designs

Admire These Stunning Bathroom Designs By Luxxu

7 Sophisticated Bathrooms With the Pharo chandelier

The entrance to this luxurious bathroom is decorated with exquisite craftsmanship in the form of PullCast´s Meteor Door Knob, a piece that embellishes and sets up a terrific ambiance where the Pharo Chandelier takes the center stage.

7 Sophisticated Bathrooms With waterfall xl pendant

On the list of the 7 modern bathrooms, this bathtub immerses in a unique bathing experience under the fabulous lights of Luxxu´s Waterfall XL Pendant.

7 Sophisticated Bathrooms With Liberty Small Pendant

A bathroom design to delight and impress. The full splendor of this decoration is shown in the marble walls and golden elements, these gorgeous fixtures are reflected by the imposing Orbis Rectangular Mirror for everyone to see.

The golden tones of the Kano door hardware complement the darker bathroom decor wonderfully. Choosing a style that was inspired by a certain emotion is also a fantastic approach to bringing a much more fluid story to a space.

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modern bathroom with a private zone with a gold bathtub surrounded by nature-inspired details

Bring nature into your living space. Make the bathroom as peaceful and serene as possible because it is a place to rest and treat yourself.

marble bathroom with some dark blue, black and white tones featuring a bubbly black and gold bathtub and two freestanding washbasins

This bathroom is an excellent example of how to achieve luxuriant beauty with extremely distinct forms and features of varying proportions! From the Newton bathtub to the stream of light that floods the space, this paradise is a design that will leave you speechless!

black diamond shaped freestanding with a gold mirror and a towel rack besides it

This wonderful bathroom design, with its particularly dazzling white and joyful tones, is sure to make you fall fully in love with the diamond freestanding and its excellent elegance!

gold bathroom mirror with a brown marbled accent wall

As soon as one enters this beautiful closet with the magnificent Colosseum mirror, there will be overwhelming cries of astonishment and admiration.

black bathroom with a marbled accent wall and a free standing bathtub with gold details combining with the wall lamps

Dark, magnificent, and one-of-a-kind in every aspect, this stunning design with the Diamon bathtub as its centerpiece will leave you speechless.

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