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A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products – At LUXXU, we firmly believe that the definition of art is open to being redesigned, and this conviction permeates everything we produce. We are capable of establishing a harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition with an instantly recognizable style and high-quality components that can be combined into a home adorned with exclusivity using the brand’s design. With this in mind, a new Lighting Catalogue came to life, aiming to inspire you and present you with our new products and designs. Keep reading this article by Modern Chandeliers blog to know more about the Master Collection: LUXXU Lighting Catalogue.

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A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Product

World Of Luxxu Lighting

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

The LUXXU empire is defining its future by establishing trends with classic pieces and refined sophistication. The brand’s ideology incorporates the finest attention to detail, and the lighting pieces are truly gems for design projects. The range includes contemporary lighting fixtures with the ability to produce pieces of design that will be remembered forever. Discover a daring selection of lamps to compose any style.

Chandeliers: Real Jewels For Your Home

Empire Chandelier

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

With its extravagant shape and exuberant design, the Empire Chandelier is capable of transforming any room into the most stunning scenario. Inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building, it is a masterpiece that exudes the true power of an empire.

Magna Chandelier

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

A masterpiece inspired by the organic shapes of nature, the beauty, and the elevation of mountains. A chandelier that reunites modernity with craftsmanship techniques. Each part is made with alabaster details in the center and the glimmering metallic frame is made of brass. Magna Chandelier will add a poetic beauty and will change the atmosphere of any room.

Suspensions: The Perfect Touch For Your Design

Babel II Suspension

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Although the inspiration for this suspension is still a myth, the elegance present in every detail is very real. Brought to life through the combination of lush crystals and high-quality gold plated brass, the Babel II is the perfect fixture for bars, hotels, or private dining rooms. Its shape allows the creation of exquisite lighting installations through the combination of multiple suspensions.

Get the look:

Babel II Suspension

Plafonds: Luxury & Versatility To Design Projects

Waterfall Sputnik Plafond

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

The luxurious Sputnik plafond is the ideal piece for those seeking a statement lamp that stands out. Made with gold-plated brass and a series of ribbed crystal tubes, it mixes the best of the waterfall collection with the details of Sputnik lamps.

Scala Plafond

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Designed to add a little more life and light to a luxurious ambiance, the Scala Plafond combines modern and classical design. It is a plafond made of brass and crystals, that matches perfectly with stately projects.

Pendants: A Discreet Beauty To Enhance The Rooms

Gala Pendant

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

The opulent Gala Pendant is a sign of the times. This everlasting light fits neatly into every ambiance. A superb piece tied by a single string.

Magna Pendant

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

This pendant‘s natural textures are set to offer depth and a sense of rarity to any space in which it is installed. The Magna Pendant presents itself in a pendulum-like aesthetic, with an elongated trapezium form. Inside its gleaming brass frame, it is embellished in alabaster details, a representation of highlands and skylines.

Get the look

Magna Pendant

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Wall Lamps: Refinement And Elegance To Walls

Draycott I Wall Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

This lighting design was created to decorate the walls of your projects, with the best materials. Made with a simple tube of crystal glass and brass, this lighting design was created to decorate the walls of your project. Showing exuberance and simplicity at the same time, it’s ideal to enlighten pieces of art like paintings or sculptures.

Pharo Wall Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Pharos was an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood in ancient Alexandria. Nowadays, lighthouses take on simpler forms, just like this wall lamp. Made of gold plated brass and crystal glass, Pharo Wall is a beacon of light to rupture the darkness.

Floor Lamps: A Dramatic And Elegant Touch To Any Room

McQueen Floor Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Maintaining the elegant and feminine vibe of the entire family, this McQueen floor lamp will certainly brighten everything around it. The perfect and complex combination of gold-plated hammered leaves with amber crystals encompasses a dainty light refraction pattern that will shed its light on everything around it. The romantic and creative nature of this piece provides an artistic and glamorous feeling to any project.

Shard Floor Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Modern and unique: the Shard Floor Lamp is part of our Shard family and has the power to provide a fine and exclusive look, with a strong presence. A lamp made of brass, marble, and crystal glass and finished with gold-plated. Make any room memorable with this floor lamp.

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Table Lamps: A Charming Choice For Memorable Moments

Needle Table Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Inspired by the Space Needle building in Seattle, which was built to withstand strong winds and even earthquakes, the Needle Table Lamp is designed to be a durable, well-made luxury lighting table piece with a simple design that will never go out of style.

Liberty Small Table Lamp

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

A new look with the same delicacy that inspires LUXXU. The Liberty Small Table Lamp is part of the Liberty Family and was designed to compose rooms with boundless elegance and charm. A lamp like this will be amazing on nightstands, in pairs or just one. Made with Brass & Crystal Glass.

Master Collection: LUXXU Lighting Catalogue

A New Age Of Decorative Luxury Products

Discover more about our products in our New Master Catalogue, a catalogue dedicated to our founders, partners, and all our past and present teams!

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