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Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Amaze You

Bathroom lighting is often overlooked even though is it truly essential to enhance the luxurious home decor you want to achieve! Modern Chandeliers gives you 4 amazing bathroom lighting tips to highlight your luxury bathroom!



1. Create Several Layers of Light


Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Amaze You luxury bathroom


Layer distinct types of lighting design to achieve a richer and more flexible environment in your luxury bathroom!

Use soft ambient lighting for a general and uniform illumination level, task lighting by the mirror for a more intense and directed level of light to perform your daily activities and accent lighting to highlight your luxurious home decor and architecture.


2. Mirror Lighting


Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Amaze You task lighting


The second of our bathroom lighting tips is to use appropriate task lighting at the mirror. Invest in a pair of lighting fixtures placed at eye level to avoid shadows in your luxury bathroom.


So far, what do you think about our amazing bathroom lighting tips? 


3. Accent With a Chandelier


bathroom lighting tips that Will Amaze You Bathroom Lighting Tips


A dazzling chandelier enhances every home decor, and your luxury bathroom is no exception! However, it is important to choose a chandelier with the appropriate size considering the space you have.

Accomplish our bathroom lighting tips more easily with the Pharo Chandelier, and give your luxury bathroom a special lighting design!


4. Maximize Natural Light


Bathroom Lighting Tips That Will Amaze You lighting design


Even though we are passionate about lighting design, natural light brightens the environment of any home decor! If you are renovating your luxury bathroom, consider the position of your windows: a northern orientation provides an indirect exposure, creating a softer and more diffused illumination.

Employ these simple bathroom lighting tips to transform your bathroom project into a true work of art!

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