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Casino Chandeliers: A Breathtaking Tour Around the World

Naturally perceived as an extravagant place, casinos grant us the possibility of entering a parallel and exciting reality. When conceiving the most luxurious places in this category, it is crucial that all the components are aligned, from the warm welcome that the guest receives to the lighting design of the room. Today, Modern Chandeliers is going to take you on a tour of the most luxurious gaming clubs in the world, emphasising the central role of the stunning casino chandeliers chosen for each of the spaces.




The Ritz Club


Casino Chandeliers_ A Breathaking Tour Around the World Casino Chandeliers

The name Ritz instantly invokes a sense of luxury and exquisiteness, and the Ritz Club in London, located in the former ballroom of the hotel, is the perfect reflection of the truthfulness of the brand’s reputation.
The elegant gaming salons, classically illuminated with stunning crystal chandeliers, create an impeccable atmosphere for a contemporary approach to gaming.


Casino de Monte-Carlo


Casino Chandeliers_ A Breathtaking Tour Around the World classical architecture

The Monte Carlo Casino, located in Monaco, is undoubtedly a reference for gaming and entertainment around the world. The interior design creates an immersive ambiance with an extreme dedication to the architectural details.
The high ceilings allow for the casino chandeliers to gain a luxurious emphasis, creating a soft yet remarkable lighting setting that could not be more appropriate to the situation.


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Casino Baden-Baden


Casino Chandeliers_ A Breathtaking Tour Around the World lighting selection

The interior of the Banden-Baden casino looks straight out of a James Bond Movie! The classical architecture combined with the radiant lighting provided by the casino chandeliers could not create a more propitious environment to define luck!




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