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American chandelier in the interior of Michael’s apartment

The famous Russian blogger Mikhail Nefedov has riveted the attention of thousands of subscribers to the architectural design saga that unfolded on the pages of his LiveJournal during the repair in his new apartment. The main heroes of the household story are chandeliers with a complex history of origin and triple citizenship.

Михаил Нефедов


The blogger ordered the original chandeliers for his apartment several years ago. Then it cost him 175,000 rubles. Despite American origin, an item was made in China. When Michael furnished the second apartment, the price in dollars remained almost the same, but in the ruble, it almost doubled.

American chandelier in the interior of the apartment of Michael
                                 American chandelier in the interior of Michael’s apartment  

Chandeliers in the first apartment did not install immediately. The electrics were made to American standards and had to be redone. A sharp jump in the exchange rate, imperfect production and almost six months of waiting for departure prompted the blogger to think: what if the chandelier were produced in Russia? And then he decided to conduct an experiment.

American chandelier in the interior of Michael's apartment  
                                      Russian-made Miasole chandelier in a studio apartment

The very first research almost made Mikhail abandon his idea. Metal workshops had breaking prices, but after sending the technical task to several addresses at once, he came to his goal. The design of several hoops, to which glass drops are hung, was done promptly, using only manual labor.

Mikhail planned to hang the finished product in his second apartment – a small studio. The design, as a result, was made in approximately the same aesthetics at the junction of the loft and industrial style. He did not want to buy a chandelier for 4000,000, and therefore took a chance.

“I personally controlled the process, coming to production two-three times a week. Most of all I was pleased with an honest approach – absolutely manual work, the right thick metal and fasteners. And when the frame was ready, I understand that it is very cool”


One of the differences from the original chandelier, in addition to the conscience of the welded construction, is painting. Mikhail decided to cover the metal with transparent varnish to expose the texture of the metal, but at the same time protect it from destruction.

At the stage of production of glass drops, the dream of an inexpensive (compared to the original) chandelier again almost shattered. For example, the famous factory in Gus-Khrustalny asked for 2,000 rubles for one element, despite the fact that there are about a hundred such elements in the chandelier. It turned out that glass alone would cost 200,000 rubles.

The necessary production was still found, but so far outside the borders of the Russian Federation, Mikhail did not disclose details. The total cost of the chandelier made for the studio was the same 75,000 rubles that the blogger gave for the finished product several years ago.

Inspired by his success, Mikhail launched mass production. The new line of loft chandeliers was called Miasole, or “My Sun” because the sun shines the same for everyone – for the blogger, for the designer, for the Russian, and for the American.

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