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Explore Moooi’s New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs

Explore Moooi’s New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs ⇒ With almost twenty years of activity, Moooi is regarded as one of the most enticing and innovative design brands in the world due to its sense of originality, unexpected creativity, and eclectic nature.

Supernova Sconces Boca do Lobo

Recently, the Italian design powerhouse released new lighting pieces conceived by two of the best product designers out there, one by Marcel Wanders Studio and another by Joost van Bleijswijk, both of which will be the topic of today’s article!

Hubble Bubble light by Marcel Wanders Studio

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 2
Image source: Dezeen

The enticing Hubble Bubble lighting piece was designed to become as versatile as one’s wildest memories, and if suspended in multiples, one will be able to create an alluring lighting installation in their own home. This orbital-like modern lighting design has a lean frame as it is powered through Moooi’s Electrosandwich technology. The simplicity of this design creates a sense of lightness and unity in a home interior.

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 3
Image source: Dezeen

The “bubbles” of this suspension are made from blown glass spheres that are available in either oil-transcendent or frosted versions. Wanders and his team also paid particular focus on elementary shapes when creating this lighting design, granting one the possibility of hanging this piece both horizontally and vertically.

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 1
Image source: Dezeen

“Hubble Bubble captures those carefree youthful moments of blowing soap bubbles that aimlessly float away. Suspending our imagination in place, the iridescent lights on the interior and exterior flat ring cast infinite combinations across any room”, Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director at Marcel Wanders studio.

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Tinkering light by Joost van Bleijswijk

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 6
Image source: Dezeen

Moooi launched yet another outstanding lighting design, but this time by Joost van Bleijswijk. Entitled Tinkering, this piece is comprised of a series of black metal rods suspended from the ceiling where the light sources are encased in arched shades that actually reminiscent of the shape of security cameras.

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 4
Image source: Dezeen

The inside of the shades are coated in reflective brass and the LEDs are enclosed in ridged glass bulbs, allowing it to capture light in usual ways. While this lighting design can easily fit any environment, it is best suitable for dining room or kitchen areas mainly due to its sprawling branches as well as its lean and minimalist frame.

Explore Moooi's New Astounding & Versatile Lighting Designs 5
Image source: Dezeen

Just like the Hubble Bubble, this lighting design is also powered by Moooi’s Electrosandwich technology, a system that allows LEDs to be powered through layers of conductive material embedded within the frame, rather than through individual wires.

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