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Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery – Founded in Milan in 2003 by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, DimoreStudio is a full-service, global architectural and design studio that spans residential, retail and hospitality projects, in addition to, producing furnishings, textile and lighting designs under the name of Dimoremilano. The 19th-century location of Via Solferino in Milan’s Brera district is the heart of the business for the 40-plus-person team as well as for DimoreGallery, the evocative setting which features a rotating installation of the collection of the great masters of the 20th century and contemporary designers, championed by the Gallery. Get to know more about DimoreStudio and Gallery by reading this article by Modern Chandeliers blog.

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Dimorestudio Interiors at Langosteria Cucina

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

The new restaurant, the Langosteria Group’s sixth, will enhance that experience by offering changing menus based on what’s been hauled in fresh that day. “It’s meant to feel as if you’ve been invited into somebody’s house,” explains DimoreStudio co-founder Britt Moran of the restaurant’s concept, “like you’re having a dinner party with friends.”

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

To create the home-like effect, Moran and partner Emiliano Salci opened up the walls of the cosy 40-seat restaurant, allowing a porous transition between the dining room and kitchen, where they did away with the conventional, harsh industrial set-up in favour of a more domestic feel. The aesthetic is a typically Dimore blend of influences: moody 1970s references, Japanese-inspired finishes and a dash of Frank Lloyd Wright thrown in for good measure. Under an aubergine-coloured ceiling, walls are papered in a loosely woven jute textile or finished in silver leaf, then bordered in black-lacquered bamboo, like glimmering tatami screens.

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Seating comprises the midcentury master’s ‘614 Coonley’ chairs from Cassina, which face long built-in benches, a common theme in Lloyd Wright’s work. Maps, vessels and illustrations line the walls, ‘as if it’s the home of a traveller who has accumulated a collection of treasures on his voyages’, Moran says. Lighting is a mix of custom-designed pieces and vintage finds, including sconces by Ignazio Gardella. ‘We wanted to include elements that had a lived-in, vintage patina to them,’ Moran explains. The room’s centrepiece, a 3m-long fringed lamp in glass and brass, hangs dramatically above the bar, framing views into the bustling kitchen.

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Like all good things, the collaboration between DimoreStudio and Buonocore was “born out of a dinner-time conversation”, recalls Moran. Along with Salci, who has launched projects in Dubai, Shanghai and London in the last couple of years, Moran jumped at the chance to design something on their doorstep. “Despite being based in Milan, we don’t do that many projects in the city,” he continues, “so for us, it was an opportunity to do something here, at home.”

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Fendi Home New Collection With a Dimorestudio Touch

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Managed by renowned international designers, the new Fendi Home collection was presented in one of the incredible palatial houses designed by the creative Catalan Xavier Corberó. “I believe that this new phase of the Fendi House collection, encapsulates all of the themes and values that we have developed and emphasized over the years, leaving a clear image of who we are and where we want to be,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi, brand’s creative director. Along with Venturini Fendi, important collaborations and a strong team of designers such as Piero Lissoni, Atelier Oï, DimoreStudio, Cristina Celestino and Chiara Andreatti participated in the collection.

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Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Innovation, exclusivity and heritage are what guide the designers’ choices, which show an eclectic image full of creative values ​​of the company. The ambient created is sophisticated and elegant, the modular Fun sofa, by Atelier Oï, is one of the highlights of the collection, in addition to the outdoor furniture produced by Piero Lissoni, made of bamboo structures with hemp upholstery. In addition, it is worth highlighting the handcrafted nature of the creations, which have functionality and style, and are eclectic.

Get To Know DimoreStudio And Gallery

Amidst the brutalism of Corberó’s estate, furniture is born that shows the unique yet cohesive visions of the collaborating designers. Like the Vittoria sideboard by Cristina Celestino and the Parsifal armchair by Thierry Lemaire, which are distant but bold, like the Tarsia coffee table by Toan Nguyen, made in black and white marble. The blue sofa, the protagonist of this environment, is also signed by Lemaire.

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