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Haussmann style enlighted by Chandelier

Haussmann style enlighted by Chandelier or how to modernise your French style apartment with a modern light. When it is about renovation, the perfect recipe for interior design is to keep charisma and bring modernity. Get inspired with us by discovering a trendy chandelier.

Supernova Chandelier Boca do Lobo

Haussmann style

Marbles, stones, parquet, cream colors, huge spaces, this is how we could describe the perfect Haussmann style apartment. Originaly, Haussamann style has been created in France and soon it has been spread all over Europe. The purity of its style is known and wanted by everyone. Nowadays, the trends lead more to modernity than rustic style. However, this kind of apartments has character and it would be really infortunate to waste that potential.

Haussmann Style
Image Credit to Ziad Balakosy

As we are back on historical design of living with haussmann apartment, a chandelier should be the appropriate piece to use as lighting. Old French style associates with the simplicity of modernity.


Luxury Chandelier

By modernity, we should get attached to details. Sometimes only one piece gives beauty to your style. Luxxu, a modern and design living brand, is willing to work on every little details of its masterpieces. This is how the brand creates Babel, a modern chandelier which for sure will adorn a renovate house. More than a traditional light, this chandelier would decorate a room and would give a real “cachet” as French people would say.

Modern Chandelier

Made in brass and crystal, its fantastic design enlights every high ceiling room it is suspended. Details are highlighted by brass. This gold color would dress a room without wanting the lookout of hardware decoration.

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