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High-tech fixtures: how to get into the future now?

High-tech style appeared in the second half of the XX century in connection with the rapid development of technology. It symbolizes the complete triumph of man over nature, the victory of reason over instincts – that is, all that the futurists tend to expect from humanity in the distant future. Lamps that fit this style: concise, stylish, avant-garde, rational, and simple. Usually, metal, plastic, and glass are used as materials for its production.

The role of fixtures in creating high-tech style

High-tech style

Style implies manufacturability, structure, complex simplicity and monumentality. It should be understood that high-tech interiors are preferred by people who value modern, surround themselves with technology, and know how to use it. Lighting can be part of a smart home system.

High-tech style

Often, high-tech fixtures are made in the spirit of minimalism and have a fairly simple design. And many designers remind of their technological style and try to create lamps of the future – both in appearance and in functionality.

High-tech style

Lighting systems are often equipped with motion sensors, dimmers, devices for switching light scenarios, control panels and touch panels. In a number of cases, functionality prevails over appearance. The idea of ​​superior technology must be evident in every high-tech interior element. Including luminaires, which must be manufactured using advanced technologies.

Hi-tech lamps: design features

High-tech style

A feature of all high-tech fixtures is the almost complete absence of decorations or decorative elements. On the contrary, laconic, completed, geometrically verified forms in the spirit of cubism and constructivism are welcome.

High-tech style

The surface of the instruments is often shiny, and this is not the warm glow of gold or bronze, but the cold glow of silver, chrome, nickel. It is necessary to arrange the lighting devices according to a strict scheme, based on the functional accessory of the lighting device.

cold glow of silver, chrome, nickel.

Along with a commitment to straight lines, torn and broken lines, sharp and unexpected transitions can be used. But smooth bends are most often avoided. However, it is wrong to think that fantasy and unusual forms are alien to hi-tech. This style is directly related to futurism, which means it is possible to supplement the interior with an unusual large-sized lamp, which will play the role of an art object.

What should be the high-tech fixtures?

high-tech lighting

If you create high-tech lighting, you should pay attention to floor lamps and sconces made of metal (aluminum, steel, coated with chrome), glass, plastic – typical style materials. No textile lampshades, prints, decorations.


Pendant string lights are an effective solution for zoning the space. With their help, you can perfectly build the geometry of the room (hi-tech lovers usually appreciate clear lines). To create an urban atmosphere (hi-tech – the style is exclusively urban), spotlights are used.


Another high-tech feature is hidden light sources. Their role can be performed, for example, by lamps that are mounted in ceiling niches. They give a diffused light, creating the effect of a soaring ceiling. Various backlight options will be appropriate in such interiors.

Can the chandeliers be used in a high-tech style? Of course! However, the choice of shape and color should be appropriate: cubes, balls, spheres, trapezoids, and combinations thereof.


High-tech lamps can act as an element of interiors in the modern, loft, minimalist styles. They emphasize the proximity of modernity, fashion trends, original design solutions, and the pursuit of the future. But at the same time, such lighting devices remain elegant, demonstrate the self-confidence of the owner of the room.

The high-tech interior allows you to feel the breath of the future today. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to not miss our new interesting articles!

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